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All of us admire those beautiful glowing faces of film stars and models and other celebrities and often wonder if we could have such flawless magical skin. In the quest to get beautiful skin like models or celebrities we stack up our dressing table with moisturizers, night creams, serums, face packs, face masks, gels, toners, scrubbers etc. But can any of them give us model like perfect face? No. Then how on earth those celebs can maintain such beautiful skin? Is it a magic? Yes, it’s a magic. And the name of that magic is Yoga. Yoga can rejuvenate our skin, makes it glowing, beautiful and gorgeous. Check out my post on Yoga for beautiful skin.
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yoga for beautiful skin

21st June is International Yoga Day as declared by United Nations General Assembly. The declaration of International Yoga Day is certainly a fantastic moment for India as Yoga was originated in India about 5000 years ago. International Yoga Day is going to be celebrated worldwide by people from different countries practicing yoga, meditations, lots of discussions etc. Yoga helps us to lead a stress free and healthy life. Practicing yoga regularly can do wonders for our mind and body. Yoga plays an important part in beauty too. Yoga reduces our stress and de-toxify our body which in turn helps to get beautiful skin. Read on to know more about yoga for beautiful skin.

Why Yoga is Good for Skin 

  • Yoga provides a healthy glow to the skin. Yoga flushes out the toxins from our body and help us keep overall healthy. The result shows in glowing skin.
  • Yoga helps towards relaxation of our body and reducing stress. Stress can cause lack of sleep which in turn can make our skin look dull, tired. Yoga cut down stress and helps to get glowing skin.
  • Yoga helps to heal skin infections.
  • Lack of proper sleep can cause lots of skin problems. Yoga also contributes in getting proper sleep.
  • Studies have shown that yoga can be particularly helpful to deal with acne prone and dry skin problem.
  • Yoga helps to maintain skin elasticity. Regular yoga can keep skin tight and firm and delay the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines.

How Yoga Helps us to get Beautiful Skin 

  • A beautiful skin is not only an external affair. It totally depends on a healthy body – healthy from inside and outside both. Yoga helps to improve cardiovascular health, increase blood and oxygen circulation in the body and cut down our stress level which keeps all our systems healthy and that reflects on our skin.
  • Start your day early. Drink a litre of water at the start of your day. It helps to detoxify our body and as a result our systems remain clean. Water also keeps our skin moisturized.
  • Meditation in the morning helps to keep our mind free from worries and negative thoughts.
  • Eat lots of green veggies and fresh fruits. Drink fresh fruit juices. Cut down on your alcohol and caffeine consumption and quit smoking.

There are few yoga poses or Asanas that improves blood circulation throughout our entire body and thus help us to get glowing beautiful skin and healthy body. Check them out below :

Suryanamaskar to get Beautiful Skin


Suryanamaskar is a complete workout for body and skin. It’s the mother of all Asanas. Suryanamaskar helps to de-stress & de-toxify our body and it’s a fantastic relaxation exercise.

Pranayama to get Beautiful Skin


This is a deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing helps to get more oxygen in our systems. More oxygen helps the skin cells to breathe and that results in a beautiful glow in the skin.

Shirshasana to get Beautiful Skin


This is a very effective exercise to get beautiful skin. Since we are standing on our head, so blood starts flowing downwards. This actually improves blood circulation and good blood circulation contributes in great looking skin.

Sarvangasana to get Beautiful Skin


This is another great exercise that improves blood circulation. The shoulder stand makes our blood flow back and forth, which improves blood circulation in our face.

Halasana to get Beautiful Skin


You have to bend your body like a plough in halasana. It keeps our digestive system fast and a good metabolism rate is essential for a flawless glowing skin.

Sukhasana to get Beautiful Skin


Sukhasana means sitting at ease. This exercise helps our facial muscles to relax and avoid early wrinkles.

Padmasana to get Beautiful Skin


This is a very easy yoga exercise. Sitting in lotus position and meditating helps to reduce our stress and we automatically look good.

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Yoga can be very effective in getting beautiful & flawless skin. So friends, start practicing yoga and embrace all of its goodness.

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  1. Yoga for sure allows your skin to glow and is healthy too on the whole. Thanks to share sweetie

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