Wonders Green Tea Can Do

Wonders Green Tea Can Do – Hello Pretty Ladies, Today I am back with the post telling you about 7 Wonders Green Tea Can Do for your skin and body. I love drinking green tea, no not because of its taste, also not only because it aids in fat loss, but due to so many amazing reasons. Green Tea’s popularity cannot be questioned! It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful and amazing effect on our body. It helps in fat loss (I don’t think I need to tell this!), reduces bad cholesterol, improves brain function, lowers the risk of cancer. Apart from all these benefits, green tea can do wonders when you talk about better complexion, or more white teeth. So, without further ado, I’ll tell you a few Wonders Green Tea Can Do after which you will definitely love green tea.

Wonders Green Tea Can Do

Wonders Green Tea Can Do

Keeps Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes at Bay :

Green Tea used bags, when refrigerated serves as amazing eye packs, which can be used to zap puffiness, as it shrinks the blood vessels, also helps in reducing the dark circles. So, just use it for few minutes, and brighten up your eyes.

Prevents Hair Loss & Boost Hair Growth :

Two things we always pray for, that we don’t shed our precious locks and something that could boost our hair growth. Green tea helps in both, along with making hairs shiny. Just Boil some green tea in water, and let it cool. And use it to rinse your hairs. It will also keep away bacterial or fungal infection, and help in removing dandruff too. Quite amazing, right?

Green Tea for hair

Get Rid of Acne :

Green Tea leaves contain anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial ingredients like catechins which can fight against wide range of microbes & bacteria that causes acne, reducing breakouts and acne scars. So, just grab a cup of green tea daily or use it topically which could be more beneficial. Just empty a used tea bag, and add a bit of honey and mix till you form paste like consistency. Apply it on area affected by acne & leave for 20 minutes. It will soothe the skin & reduce the inflammation caused by acne.

White & Bright Teeth, Works for Oral Hygiene too :

Not only it is good for skin, but green tea works for our oral hygiene too! It controls the bacteria in mouth, improves gum health, also it helps with Bad breath. Studies show green tea contains fluoride, which helps to keep teeth healthy. One cup, so many advantages.

Green Tea for skin

Prevent Photo Ageing & Get rid of Tan :

Green Tea not only prevents Skin damage, but also reverses photo aging (aging caused due to sun). Apart from that so many of us keep working on removing the tan we got on our trips, green tea will help you in that too! It will prevent sun tan, just apply it locally or freeze tea bags to soothe the sun burns.

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Slow down Skin Ageing & Prevent Wrinkles :

Incorporate green tea in your skin care routine to slow down skin ageing process, but investing into green tea creams would not be enough beneficiary as green tea contains polyphenols which are oxidized when exposed to sun. Just drink lots of green tea, to win this battle. As it keeps skin hydrated and flushes out the toxins, also contains a natural component responsible for cell renewal process. . Also, you can freeze freshly brewed green tea as ice cubes& use them as a toner.

Green Tea benefits for skin and hair

Do a Quick Facial :

Yes, why Not! We all love a quick facial, and that too the one done at home. Just run a tea bag in hot water and make it steamy. Squeeze out the excess water & rub green tea bag on face a couple of times till it cools down and loses its steam. Just don’t rub it way to harsh, as you can damage your skin.

So, I hope after reading these Wonders Green Tea Can Do, you must be sipping a cup of green tea and then planning to use the tea bag later on. So, try these tips ladies and look young, beautiful and radiant.

Till then Stay, BeautifulHamesha!

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  1. I take green tea every morning 🙂 Its truly amazing!

  2. Yes, try using it for others things mentioned the post too! U ll love it!

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