With Flipkart Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori

All of us have certain wishes in our life that we want to fulfill. Few of them are bigger and therefore gets more importance from us and others are comparatively small. We often get so busy to try and fulfill our bigger wishes that those little wishes remain ignored and over time, we almost forget about them. These wishes may not look much important apparently, but when we see fulfillment of those wishes are making our dear ones happy, we realize how much these little wishes mean to us.

With Flipkart Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori

Being a child, I used to belong from a very middle class family. My dad used to work hard from dawn to dusk and tried everything he could to ensure that all our wishes get fulfilled. I have seen my mom and dad working hard because he wanted to give us a better life. Eventually I grew up and got married and also one day God blessed me with a beautiful daughter. Just like my parents, I also wanted to ensure that I can make my daughter happy in every way possible and fulfill all of her little wishes.

With Flipkart Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori 1

Couple of years ago, we went for a family holiday to a hill station and there me & my husband did a bit of skating as I just enjoyed it greatly. And my daughter, who wasn’t allowed to enter the skating rink because she was too liitle, watched us and was cheering for us. It truly surprised me how she enjoyed watching us skate. I had no idea what she understood of skating in that little age, but she was almost jumping in joy. We came back and got so much caught up in our professional life that we almost forgot about it. Few months ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I was busy working on my laptop and my daughter was sitting beside me playing with her toys and dolls. There was a film going on my TV. And suddenly, I heard my daughter cheering and clapping!! I looked at her and found out that she was watching the movie and a skating scene was going on there! It took me no time to understand the reason of her sudden joy! It took me back to my hill station holiday and I realized that my little princess is still so much fond of skating. But more surprise was in store for me! Few days ago, she suddenly brought a pair of skateboards from her friend and started playing in our drawing room! Watching this, I became absolutely sure that skating has become like her first love.

She is 4 years old and is just growing too fast. Her birthday was coming soon and I wanted to gift her something very, very special. Like every other girl of her age, she loves Barbie dolls. She is actually quite fond of Barbie accessories, dresses etc. If skating is her first love, then Barbie has to be in the second position. And taking all these into consideration I started planning for her birthday gift. One day, I read that a friend and fellow blogger Hina bought a Fujifilm Instax Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera for her sister , so I began browsing Flipkart and, I suddenly noticed this unique combination of Barbie & skating — Barbie Adjustable Inline Skate Combo set. I immediately placed an order

Here is the Barbie Adjustable Inline Skate Combo set that I got for my daughter.

With Flipkart Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori 3

With Flipkart Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori 4

In the morning of her birthday, when the gift arrived, I showed it to my daughter and she was literally jumping out of joy 🙂 She gave me a tight hug and was way too happy. And her happiness means the world to me. Being a mother, it gave me immense amount of satisfaction that I have made my daughter so much happy. She simply loved her gift and these days, our drawing room often gets transformed into a skating rink 🙂

With Flipkart Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori 5

I really love the video Flipkart made where one wish leads to another! I hope my wish inspires someone do to do something special for someone they love! #AbHarWishHogiPoori ! Three cheers for flipkart.. hip hip hurray!!

Check below Video Its really good video ⇓

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  1. I love shopping in flipkart as they have huge variety of products and love their customer service

  2. lovely 🙂 I shop a lot from flipkart, I don’t want them to move to app only 🙁

  3. This s such a cute post!!

  4. Margaret Dallospedale

    So cool 😉

  5. Kiran Raj Singh

    Thanks Anju 🙂

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