Winter Skin Care

Hello All 🙂 Winters Are here! With the temperatures running fast towards zero and the humidity in the air declining and to add to that the chilly winds, you can be sure that your skin needs some extra tender loving care to preserve its natural oils and look fresh and healthy. Below are certain tips for glowing skin in winter that you might already know but at times little reminders and motivation is all we need 🙂 Read Winter Skin Care tips and enjoy!!
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Winter Skin Care tips

1. First of all, let’s talk about cleansing. Since, the cold breeze and low humidity already strips off the moisture so you definitely need cream based face washes and body washes. Dove offers some good choices. Lux strawberry and cream body wash also does not dry skin much.  Also, fragrance-free and Alcohol free products are more preferable. Limit the duration of your showers and use lukewarm water only for washing as hot water further dries the skin. You can add a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil or even mustard oil to the water you use for bathing. Also, do not wash your face more often than required. Once or twice is enough.

2. Indulge in thick body lotions or even body butters soon after your bath during the cold winter months.This is advised because damp skin absorbs moisture better.Another great way to keep your facial skin plump is using oatmeal. Boil some oatmeal in water and let it cool. Apply this as a hydrating facemask. Another great way to hydrate your facial skin is to use pure honey as it deeply cleanses pores as it releases hydrogen peroxide on being diluted with water and acts as an excellent moisturiser that keeps skin soft for hours together. After you are done with these masks. Use luke warm water to wash your face. 3. A very important and simple tip is to pat dry your skin and not rub the towel on your skin since the skin is stretched out already.

4. Toning of face has to be done with toners that do not contain alcohol as it dries your skin, Make use of home made cucumber, green tea or rose water based toners. To make these toners more suitable for winter use, just add 5 or 6 drops of olive oil.

5. During winters,  the skin exfoliation cycle gets somewhat disturbed so it becomes increasingly important to scrub using a mild and milky facial scrub. If you do not want to use commercial scrubs, just grind some almonds or walnuts into a really fine powder and use these in a milk cream/ malai base to scrub those dead cells away that rob your glow.

6. While it feels really nice to indulge in sun bathing in winters. Please do not overdo it. 15 mins at a stretch is more than enough. It is good if you keep your back towards the sun.

7.  Coffee sounds like a great idea but watch it!! Caffeine can further dehydrate your skin making it look even more dull.

8. It is a good idea to use night creams in winters as the skin’s repairative and revitalising processes are at their peak during night hours. It is very important for your skin to be moisturised well. Night creams are Rich in Vitamins , Retinols, AHAs, Peptides, Soy proteins, amino acids, ceramides and other antioxidants that help in keeping your skin plump and protected.

9. Lips also get frequently chapped during winters. For this simply apply some ghee on them before retiring go bed. You can also scrub your lips using petroleum jelly and a soft toothbrush or a honey and brown sugar scrub. If you are using commercially available lip balms, do look out for SPF too.

10. Do not bid your sunscreens a good bye. It is as important to use them in winters as it is in summers.

11. Take lots of liquids in form of juices, coconut water or soups to keep your skin well hydrated. Taking a balanced diet and lots of nuts is also a good idea.

12. Do not use Multani mitti or fuller’s earth face packs as they can make your skin super dry.

13. Use a rich massage cream for your face. Alternatively. If you have a dry skin you can also use warm, light textured, virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil or baby oil for massaging. Facial massage encourages blood circulation as well as lymphatic drainage and flushing out of toxins from your skin. All this leads to more oxygen reaching your skin cells and faster cell turnover imparting you a healthy glow.

Hope friends this article will help in this winter 🙂

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