Winter Fashion Tips

Winter Fashion Tips information is here. One cannot avoid the chilling weathers of winters. But, that doesn’t make anybody less stylish. The season throws you ample opportunities to experiment with your looks and define your style statement. The cozy and warm feeling is a beautiful gift of the winters. Yes, I do agree that extra care has to be taken to maintain your skin and health as they tend to dry up. You might also put on few kilograms as the digestion process slows down and we do not sweat much during winters. Once you take care of these basic needs, let the fashionista in you explore. Here are some of the winter fashion tips.
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winter fashion tips

Invest in woolen clothes

You cannot ignore the season and the ill effects of it. You can still look classy and provide extra warmth to your body with a great sense of dressing. Invest in a coat which is classy and sophisticated. You can go with a waist length warm coat for office wears. Avoid too long jackets or over coats as you aren’t going for an adventure everyday. Do not go with very loud colors as they will not give you the desired look. Choose a decent color such as black, blue or gray. White is cool, if you have the patience to keep it clean and stain free.

Accept the gloves

Our palms are always left out. The warm clothes will cover only the wrist, excluding the beautiful little fingers which requires more care. Apply a moisturizer regularly. Choose warm woolen or leather gloves which can retain the moisture as well as prevent the skin damage. Do not prefer extreme thick gloves as they would trouble you now and then. Choose a medium sized gloves which can continue to give that classy look along with the warmth. Choose the color which goes with your warmers or the hat.

Wear a hat

The ears are directly exposed to the winters and they definitely need extra care. Prefer a stylish hat that would portray your personality. It should be classy and must suit your attire. The color can be neutral or something which can be matched with your coat. Do no go with fancy designs and loud colors. We do not recommend hats for men, rather try an insulated fedora or a newsboy.

Scarves as a fashion style

Scarves will complete your look. It will make you look more elegant and graceful. You can retain your body heat along with a diva like look. You can choose from various fabrics and color combination. You can even have your own collection as they are very economical in range. A mix and match can always works out for a fashionista. Men are advisable to go with a single sober color and go with wide stripes. This will retain their manly look. Ensure that the scarf color goes well with the coat and hat. For example: If the color of your coat is brown, try a scarf which is lighter or darker shade of brown such as cream, purple, burgundy and so on.

Wear Layers

Cover yourself just not externally but also internally. One has to be health conscious along with being a fashionista. Wear a white cotton tee inside or a branded woolen banyan which will give you the needed warmth. Men can also go with Henley-style tees as they are great. Women can go with camisole or a tank-top underneath.

Wear Socks

Do not ignore your feet as they are the most exposed ones. Wear a pair of warm socks. Choose a black, white or gray color so that it can be used for all the occasion.

 Hope friends You like these tips 🙂

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  1. Good Informative post dear 🙂 perfect for this winter

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  5. You have a very good sense of winter fashion. So classy and chic..Everything mentioned here is just perfect. I especially want the classic black leather gloves which enhances the look. Sadly we don’t find many women here in india wearing these..

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