Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Hey pretty women 🙂 Our body type is something that we cannot control. Yes, we definitely can keep a close watch on what goes on our plate and increase our physical activity to bring things under our control in such a way that our health does not suffer. But body frame is something that is more or less genetic and controlled by natural factors. You can look your best no matter what your body frame is, if you know what to wear and how to wear it. So today I will be talking about Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women.

Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Plus sized women often feel complexes from well, the size zero ones. However, your weight has got nothing to do with how stylish you look. Below are a few style tips from fashion experts all over the world that would help you make your plus sized body silhouette look more slender. So take a look at Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women.

Wear Long Shrugs for Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women, long shrugs

Standard length shrugs look any day better that short shrugs on women who are plus sized. The reason being, full length hides the width of your body to a good extent and also gives coverage to side flab like love handles etc. While, shorter shrugs are unable to hide belly fat especially, in apple shaped body types. So, pick the proper length of cardigans for yourself.

Darker Shades of Pants and Trousers for Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women, dark trousers

The key rule in makeup and fashion industry is that dark colors deepen and hide while light colors illuminate and highlight. Naturally, if you have bigger thighs, you do not want to bring all the focus to them. So, wear jeans and trousers in deeper and darker shades like black, dark Blue, deep purple etc.

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Knee Length Dress for Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women, knee lenght dress

Anything above the knee is not good for plus sized women, especially who have pear shaped bodies with heavier hips and thigh area. Wear dresses. skirts that are atleast upto mid of knee length or just above knee. This is where the width of your legs is minimum and the dress looks more proper at this length. You can pair it up with leggings or stockings.

Vertical Stripes for Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women, Vertical stripes

We do not want any stripes running horizontally for you as the put more focus on width. Picking stripes that run vertically or diagonally, for that matter take the attention away from breadth and focus on length thus cheating the onlookers towards an illusion a sleeker body. So, this winters when you go shopping for new sweaters, do not fall for those that have horizontal stripes.

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Intricate Patterns for Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women

Winter Fashion for Plus Sized Women, intricate patterns

Wider spaced patterns again give appearance of more width. More closely spaced and intricate patterns make you appear slimmer. This kind of shirts look good in changing weather.

Hope our little guide helps you buy the right kind of clothes for yourself this winter season 🙂 Stay beautiful 🙂

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