Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day

Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day – Have you ever wondered that when you leave your home, you are looking all gorgeous but after half an hour you are again the same? Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day? For the first few minutes you are no less than a beauty queen and then you are looking de glam and in your own self rather than looking the refined self – this is a common story for most of us. Like my husband keeps saying me, you look good only in the staring 15 minutes and then you look normal. So, where’s the problem? Have you ever wondered Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day? We spend hours to put on makeup and beautify ourselves, and then within hours, everything is gone! Why the makeup is so short lived? Well, let’s find out the reasons. Here we will discuss Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day.

Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day

Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day

Constant Touching of Your Face

This is one of the main reasons Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day. We all know our hands have friction and warmth. So, if you keep touching your makeup then even a dry matte face will also break down and the entire makeup will melt.

Your Face is Not Clean

Cleaning and scrubbing your face is always important before the makeup. If your face is  not clean then the makeup will not set properly and will look uneven and patchy. This will eventually break down your makeup and thus it will be very short lived.

Give Proper Setting Time

We all know the sequence but then we hurry up. If you are applying primer then you need to give it proper time to set. Leave at least for 5-7 minutes and let the primer sink into your skin. Same goes with other makeup products too. Each one of them need a good 5 minutes to set in.

Best Long Lasting Makeup Tips

Forgetting to Blot

If you are forgetting to blot then that is one of the major reasons Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day. We all know that our makeup melts away because of the oil in it. And oily skinned people must blot so that the top layer is clean. And in case of dry skin people, the last step in your makeup must be blotting or applying compacts.

Wrong Makeup Products

Everyone must use makeup products as per your skin type and concern. If you are dry skin type then use hydrating and liquid makeup products. If oily skin is your concern then use Mattifying and setting products.

Moisturizer is Must

Doesn’t matter which skin type you are moisturization is must. Dry skin types can use light moisturizers whereas oily skin types can use oil controlling moisturizers. But a moisturizer is must. It helps in holding the makeup and setting it all throughout the day.

Reasons Why Your Makeup is Not Long Lasting

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Compacts Another Must

Do you know what a compact does? It controls the excess oil and sebum production in your face and thus make your skin look all set and your makeup last throughout the day. So, skipping compact can be a reason Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day.

Invest in a Good Setting Spray

A good makeup setting spray is very important. It helps in locking the moisture and keep your skin look all dewy and natural. So, if you think even after doing everything right Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day, then its time to invest in a good makeup setting spray.

Lipstick Over Lip Balm

If you are of an opinion that your lipstick is fading too soon, then here is the reason. Applying lipstick over a freshly applied lip balm will always lead to this. Lip balms are creamy and waxy in texture. So, the lipstick will eventually fade away and smudge from the sides.

Tips to Make Your Makeup Long Lasting

Old Makeup Products

Using old makeup products is another major reason Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day. Old products in makeup is extremely bad. It can be very dangerous for the skin. So, the best is to use new and within expiry date products.

And these are some of the major reasons Why Your Makeup is Not Lasting All Day. So, try to use this tips and tricks and this way your makeup will last for quite long.

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Pallavi Lives in the shopaholic Delhi. Yes, she is a big shopaholic and movie freak too. she loves fashion and styling too. But her makeup is limited to kohl s and lipsticks. they are her safe choices. But she is learning to expand her horizon. she loves trying different skin care products too.

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