Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair

Hey girls, how you all have been? I was unable to write from few days because of some health issues, but now I am in form. Okay, coming to my topic which I will discuss with you all beautiful ladies is Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair? Yes this treatment is so popular these days, which everyone is looking to try this. Why not!! I mean it’s a cheap and easy method one can easily do at home. Who does not want long and shinny hair right? But before I answer this question I would love to suggest you all that please don’t just keep on trying different treatments for your hair, body, skin etc. first try to research about it , you can use Beautifulhumeshablog for this purpose.

Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair

We in BHB, never put such things about which we are not confirmed about, we keep on trying things and then let you know the true results. Enough of talk, coming straight to the topic Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair ? We all know that heat is not good for our hair, that is why we say keep on avoiding hair blowers and straightners as much as you people can. Heat destroys the luster of your hair, but the hot oil treatment is way different than this. Let us see few points on Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair.

Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair

Hot does not means that it’s damn hot, it means that you’re putting warm oil on your scalp. Now what happens when you take this warm oil on your palm, or simply you dip your finger in it most of the heat gets transfer to your skin and the remaining is just perfect for your scalp?

Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair, hot oil massage for hair

  • This heat opens the spores of our scalp and it makes easier for oil to penetrate into the scalp. When this heated oil penetrates inside it gives hydration to our scalp which in turn helps us to get rid of the dandruff.
  • Similarly Hot oil is good for hair, because when you massage with this oil, the blood circulation increases and nourishes our hair. It not only relieves stress but does tremendous job for our hair.
  • It helps us to regain the moisture of our scalp, and gives luster to the hair.
  • If you have itchy scalp and dull hair then you should definitely try this.

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Why Hot Oil is Good for Hair, beautiful hair

My schedule is quite busy, so I use this treatment once a week and in that only I have seen a visible effect. What should I say! You guys try this and remove the myth that heat will damage your hair and do follow this treatment without worrying? In fact you will see the result in single shot 🙂

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