Why Homemade Perfumes are Safe and Good

Hello ladies!! Today I will tell you Why Homemade Perfumes are Safe and Good. So girls, first I want to say that perfumes are one of the best discoveries of human, men & women both love it. Huge numbers of perfumes and deo sprays available in the market. Of late people are becoming aware of the harms of chemicals which are usually used in perfumes. So they are preferring something natural and homemade perfumes. These days you can get any homemade perfumes in the markets easily. We all know that homemade perfumes are safe and good, but why? Here I tell you some quick facts about homemade perfumes.

Why Homemade Perfumes are Safe and Good

Chemical Free

People are showing great interest towards homemade perfumes because they are chemical free. They are safe and good. Natural ingredients won’t harm your body nor your skin. Some homemade perfumes are made of vodka and these vodkas are of best quality. Some homemade perfumes are made of flowers extract. So these homemade perfumes come with wonderful fragrance without use of chemicals. This is the best way to protect your body from chemicals because constant use of chemical perfumes may affect your skin or respiratory system. So avoid them and use homemade perfumes because they are safe and good.

Inexpensive and Best

I usually don’t buy costly perfumes because of my constraint budget. So homemade perfumes are best for those women who are just like me. Being a spendthrift is not a good sign. So these homemade perfumes are inexpensive and best in this pricey world 😉 Anyone can afford them easily. But now I think its high time to say no to those costly, chemical laden perfumes and yes to homemade perfumes!!

Why Homemade Perfumes are Safe

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These perfumes are enriched with oil like Ylang Ylang essential oil. Now-a-days Grape fruit essential oil and lavender essential oil are so popular. The fragrance of these oil enriched perfumes are heavenly and so mesmerising. You all must try these oil enriched homemade perfumes atleast once. These oils are 100% natural.

Why Homemade Perfumes should be used

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Good Staying Power

Homemade perfumes have good staying power in comparison to normal perfumes. They not only give natural fragrance but also work on our sweat. Constant use of homemade natural perfumes can help to control sweat. Chemical perfumes are just opposite. Homemade perfumes last long because they have the goodness of natural ingredients. So girls, if you are suffering from excessive sweat, you must try homemade perfumes.

Now you know Why Homemade Perfumes are Safe and Good. I hope you all like this article and that you would try these homemade perfumes at least once. Don’t forget to share comments and views with us!!

Goodbye 🙂 🙂

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