Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine

It feels so great to get all your beauty questions answered with just a single tap on Google. Yeah, I am talking about BeautifulhameshaBlog, which most definitely is a great beauty platform. So girls, today I’ll be telling you all about Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine. Many of us have adopted this habit of using conditioner with every wash, but those who haven’t, here you’ll get to know why you should be!

Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine

Now that conditioners have become pretty common, you’ll find a separate conditioner for every shampoo. This is even more better as both will be doing the same work! So read on to know Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine.

Conditioner for Compensating the Loss of the Oils

Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine, healthy hair

Ever wondered why a conditioner is supposed to be used after shampooing? Well, a shampoo is meant to clean your hair of all the dirt. However, in many of cases, it rips the natural oils a bit too. And this does not practically depend on the shampoo as it isn’t its fault! So, to retain back that moisture, a conditioner is important. Or else, you’ll have to live with dull & lifeless hair!

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Conditioner for Soft & Silky Hair

Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine, silky hair

Because of all the pollution these days, only a shampoo won’t be able to give those silky locks. Good conditioners are made to soften your hair. So if you dream of touching silk every time you touch your hair, then get a conditioner now!

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Conditioner for Detangling Hair

Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine, tangle free hair

Who wants to go to work with clumsy and tangled hair?! Believe me, the good conditioners I have used so far, detangled my hair starting from the moment I applied them! Yes, in the shower, when your hair is most prone to get tangled! So conditioner is very necessary for manageable hair.

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Conditioner for Nice Smelling Hair

Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine, nice smelling hair

Ok, so you bought a shampoo because the smell was so wonderful. You use it. Alas! No smell now?!? Somehow, sweet-smelling shampoos can’t get that into your hair, but a conditioner can. Even though it is also washed away after a while, you stay with the mesmerising smell for 3 days!! How awesome, right?

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Conditioner for No More After-Wash Serums & Hair Breakage

Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine, breakage free hair

Wet hair is the most fragile hair. Applying after-wash serums involves touching your hair when wet and this leads to a whole lot of hair breakage and further more hair loss!! If you use conditioner regularly, then there is no need to moisturise your hair any further!

That’s all folks! Hope now you understand how important role a conditioner plays in our lives! Have more reasons? Do tell BHB in the comment box below!!

Goodbye for now and take care!

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