Why Anti Ageing Creams Don’t Work

Hiii ladies!!! Are you worried about your ageing skin and in fact of using anti ageing cream from so long time? I have the answer of your confusion. Don’t do so much trouble with your skin because anti ageing creams are not so powerful agent for aging skin. They work slowly. These creams are not made perfectly with required chemical. Dermatologists can’t make the chemicals in the lab which can prevent the ageing of skin. So friends if you want to look young at your 50s, you have a time to work on. If we become conscious of our skin at the age of 7, we will live younger than today’s ladies. Here are some facts about Why Anti Ageing Creams Don’t Work. So please read this post and try to avoid the mistakes which you do daily in your life.

Why Anti Ageing Creams Don’t Work

Works externally

These anti ageing creams only work at your skin’s outer layer. It cannot work on your skin cells; they are unable to reduce toxics, melanin and damage. It is unable to make new skin cells. It will only decrease the dust and pimples but it is not permanent. These creams only have a power to look fairer but they can’t work on your wrinkles and the patchy skin. These are the problems which are created at the internal layers of skin.

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Why Anti Ageing Creams Don’t Work, anti aging creams

Lack of minerals

The creams don’t have the natural minerals. They are chemicals, so their work is not permanent. They don’t have those vitamin and proteins which are the secrets of young skin. These creams don’t have so many minerals which can pure your blood. These minerals are not working on dead cells and can’t make new cells or repair skin cells. So they are not so perfect for making you young.

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Wrong routine

Wrong routine destroy your all money which you spend on your expensive anti ageing cream. These cream will do not work if your routine is not balanced. Anti ageing creams want some cures. If you don’t take a look on your routine your anti ageing cream will not work. Complete your sleep and get up at early morning, don’t take so much tension. Tension and stress can damage your skin as well as less of your cream. So follow the balanced routine.

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Unhealthy diet

Why Anti Ageing Creams Don’t Work, junk food

Unhealthy diet is the most damaging agent for the anti ageing creams. Junk foods are like prove demon for your skin and also for your anti ageing cream. So if you use anti ageing cream for looking young, you should work on your diet. You should plan your diet and follow it strictly. It purees your body as well as your tissues. Balanced diet can make your skin healthy and young internally.

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Constant exposure to pollution

Always living under the shade of pollution is like a part of your daily routine.  This is the most damaging agent for anti ageing cream. All the works of anti ageing creams go fruitless just because of pollution. These creams are so powerful and the pollution ruins its power. So try to make a little distance from the pollution if you can, and if you want young skin.

I think next time you will think about these tips and then try the anti ageing creams.

Stay beautiful!!

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  1. I agree with some points. What we eat makes such a big difference.

  2. HII..I am 39 yrs old and my skin type is combination + sensitive .plz suggest me which anti aging night cream is best for my skin type ?

  3. Ambika@chandigarh salons

    Makeup isn’t the only thing that’s going to make you look fabulous. In my opinion before resorting to foundations, anti aging creams you should concentrate on other things that could really be worth the effort.

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