What is Strobing and How to Do it ?

Heya beautiful ladies..So, we will talk about a latest rage in the makeup world that is strobing. So my post is What is Strobing and How to Do it ? Makeup trends come and go. The last trend that pretty much stirred up the makeup industry was the contouring technique. You must be remembering how the no makeup- makeup thingy was so in trend last to last season. Well, we have something new this time that is way easier to do than contouring to accentuate the best features of your face and look like nothing less than a glamour queen. So take a look below to know What is Strobing and How to Do it ?

What is Strobing and How to Do it

What is Strobing?

Strobing is all about using a highlighting makeup product to make your skin look smooth and very radiant. You basically use a couple of highlighting products in layers to give a sort of lift to some areas of your face.

How to Do Strobing?

It is quite simple to be frank. The entire process of strobing begins after you are done with your base makeup. So, after you are done with your primer, concealer, foundation and setting powder..you are ready to start with strobing.

Study your face from side profile and spot the areas that are higher up and reflect light the most. Strobing is best done in a well lit room. You will find that the higher points of your face include –

What is Strobing and How to Do it, strobing 2

  • The area above and below your eyebrows.
  • Portion of your cheek above the apples of your cheek.

On studying your face from front profile, these areas stand out –

  • Bridge of your nose
  • Centre of forehead
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Centre of your chin

Now that you know, where to strobe.. Go ahead and strobe!!

You need a cream based highlighter in lightest of Golden or Champagne color. Apply this using your fingertips onto the specified areas. Make sure you pat the product in and not wipe it onto your skin.

Next, apply a powder illuminator/ highlighter onto exactly the same areas as you applied the cream product. This helps to set your cream product and make it stay for longer. This is best done with a blush blush that is on a fluffier side.

Last, you need to take an angled brush to add a layer of powder highlighting product a couple of shades lighter than the ones previously used and dab it on just the points where the maximum light gets reflected. For instance:

What is Strobing and How to Do it, strobing 3

  • You will put it only on a central part of your forehead where you put your bindi
  • only the tip of your nose
  • only the centre point of cupid’s bow
  • centre of your chin, below your eyebrow
  • just above the arch of your eyebrow
  • the highest point on the area above the apple of your cheek: this point usually is aligned with the centre of your pupil.

Finally, blend everything together so that there are no harsh lines left.

There you go!! Done!! Simple!

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Additional Tips :

What is Strobing and How to Do it, strobing 1

  • It is nice to have an entire set of makeup brushes
  • Do not go to close to the nose while highlighting your cheeks
  • Stock some highlighting products
  • Even metallic shades of eye shadows can double up as illuminators

So ladies, now that you know What is Strobing and How to Do it ?, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, strobe and stun the world 🙂

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