What is Epilators and How to Use Them

Hello BHB chics! Today I am back with yet another informative post – What is Epilators and How to Use Them. Summers have finally set foot in India and we all do a lot of preparation before getting into the summer mood of dressing and styling. One such massive preparation is removing unwanted body hair. After all you have to flaunt short and sleeveless dresses all summer. So, with similar thought in mind I was one fine day doing some online shopping. I was selecting which all shaving creams should I buy when I came through these epilators in the shaving section. I had heard a lot about this newbie epilators. As per the sources which are quite reliable actually these epilators are a much better alternative of shaving. So, I thought of why not doing a background study of how to use them and all about them. And in this post I will share all that I have found about epilators. So lets check out What is Epilators and How to Use Them.

What is Epilators and How to Use Them

What is Epilators and How to Use Them?

Epilators is an efficient hair removal technique which helps you to get smooth soft skin within a very short time. These are mostly electronic devices which removes hair right from the hair follicle level. These are like electronic tweezers which removes hair from legs, hands and other body parts.

Epilators work in similar fashion as compared to the waxing. The only differentiating point is that epilators use spinning discs or tweezers in rotating fashion which ensures that the hairs are lifted right from the follicles which in turn will give you minute hairs and soft smooth skin.

Epilators are like a quick hair removal technique. But since they lift hairs right from the follicles level thus they are a bit more painful. But because of their wide availability and lesser price they are one of the most preferred choice at present.

Rotating dics epilator


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Types of Epilators

Now, once when you are fully aware about the epilators you might begin your journey from the online stores. You will be amazed to see a number of epilators available there. So, here is a brief description of different types of epilators available in market at present times.

Spring Epilators

Spring type facial epilator

These are the oldest form of epilators. They come in the form of a coil spring which is in bowed form. The coils are designed in such a way that the coils grab hairs at one end whereas at the other end the hair is removed. It is mostly used today as the face epilators which is designed to remove facial hairs.

Rotating Disc Epilators

These epilators are very similar to the spring type epilators. But instead of the coils they use rotating discs or plates. It is much faster and thus smoother as compared to the spring type epilator.

Tweezers Epilators

Tweezers epilators are very similar to the rotating disc type. The major difference lies in the fact that the tweezers are designed and placed on the topmost section which consist of moving plates.

Does Epilator Hurt?


Yes, epilators do hurt. But remember one thing epilators hurt because you and your body is not prepared to the pain of drawing multiple hairs at once. But what you can do to reduce the pain is that you should start using epilators more frequently. This way your hairs will be much more thinner and thus they will easily get pulled out without much pain.

Where You Should Use Epilators

Epilators are known to remove 90% of your body hairs. but if you want to use in for any specific or smaller body part like face or bikini area then you should go for the specialized epilators.

So, that was all about epilators from my side. Hopefully it was helpful for you to know What is Epilators and How to Use Them. Let me know if you like the article in the comments down below.

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