What is Beauty Blender?

Hello ladies, how have you been doing? Do you always get confused as to which type of brush to use in order to apply which makeup product? You do not have the budget to buy a separate brush for each makeup product? Do you find it a headache to disinfect all those makeup brushes & sponges? Do you really wish there was one universal makeup application tool for everything? Well, your wish has come true with the introduction of the beauty blender. But, What is Beauty Blender? This product has become a revolution in itself and is now a brand name. Wanna know more about it? Read on below dear ladies!

What is Beauty Blender

Beauty blender is a precise makeup application tool that is very cutely shaped without any edges. It is made up from a type of special foamy, latex free material that allows you to apply your makeup and skin care products flawlessly using very precise quantities of products. It has anti bacterial properties and the material does not cause any kind of reactions on skin.

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The Beauty blender, the ‘original’ version can be used to apply foundation, setting powder & cream blush. It is a very versatile in it’s nature of usage. The exclusive material of the Beauty Blender ensures smooth, seamless makeup application that is free from any kind of streaking. This allows you to avoid makeup product wastage and give an airbrush finish.

It has two working ends, one is relatively pointed and the other end is wider. The pointed end can be used with a stipple and twist method to deposit makeup product and also to create an illusion of a perfect skin surface over scars and thus, covering all your blemishes.

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Beauty Blender is washable with any routine antiseptic, liquid soap. It is recyclable and reusable. It is upto you wheather you want to use the beauty blender dry or in damp form. Beauty experts prefer to use the Beauty Blender in a damp form. Just wet the makeup sponge and squeeze out all the excess water. Use the damp sponge to pick a little amount of makeup product from the back of your hand and dab it gently on your skin to deposit a very uniform layer of product.

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This wonderful makeup application product is available in 4 different variants, which are as follows

Beauty blender- The Original

What is Beauty Blender, beauty blender the original

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This was the very first version if beauty blender that is hot Pink in color and is everything explained above.

Beauty blender-Pure

What is Beauty Blender, beauty blender pure

This one is a dye/ color free version and is White in color. This one is specially beneficial for sensitive skin type and is great for application of skin serums and moisturizing lotions, eye creams, anti ageing products and primers.

Beauty blender- Pro

What is Beauty Blender, beauty blender pro

This is a Black colored version of the beauty blender that is more preferred by makeup experts. It is used to apply darker colored makeup products such as, bronzer, self tanner etc in a seamless, natural finish.

Beauty Blender Micro mini

What is Beauty Blender, beauty blender micro mini

As suggeated by the name, this is a smaller version of the beauty blender makeup applicator. This one is 1/4 th the size of original and allows a precise control over the application of makeup products that are to be applied over smaller patches of skin such as concealer. It is a helpful tool in doing eye makeup and also highlighting and contouring.

So girls, I hope you liked my post on Beauty Blender. It is a must have in our makeup kitty. What do you think? Do let me know your feedback 🙂

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