What Happens when Sleep with Makeup?

Sleeping with makeup on.. Admit it girls, we all are guilty of doing this at least once or twice. Sometimes we are just way too tired or probably you got busy catching up with your favorite TV show and simply forgot to remove makeup. Whatever may the reason be, it happens to all of us. But what is important that we should never ever make it a habit to sleep with our makeup on. Makeup makes us look and feel beautiful. but sleeping with makeup somewhat has the opposite affect! The more we sleep with our makeup on, the greater is the damage to the skin. And you know something, even if it happens once in a while, still sleeping with makeup can do serious damage to our skin. But What Happens when Sleep with Makeup? Check out below!

What Happens When Sleep With Makeup

What Happens when Sleep with Makeup

  • At night, when we sleep, our skin renews itself. This is a very important function of our skin. Wearing makeup at night prevents that renewal process and as a result serious damage is done to our skin. Sleeping with makeup leads to unnecessary exposure to the free radicals of the environment, which the makeup holds on to. Free radicals break down our healthy collagen which results in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Foundation is thick in nature and generally acts as base for all other makeup products. If you sleep with foundation on, it clogs our skin pores. These pores allow us to sweat and secrete sebum. Sebum, in turn, help dead skin cells and other toxins from the pores. Therefore, when our pores are closed, sebum starts to build up, which can cause acne.
  • If you sleep with your lipstick on, it results in dryness and chapping of lips. Make sure you remove every trace of lipstick before hitting bed. And yes, don’t forget to apply a generous coat of lip balm to keep your lips moisturized throughout the night.


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Sleeping with Makeup on

  • Dry skin can also be the result of sleeping with makeup on. If you do not remove every trace of makeup from your face then leftover makeup residue can create a barrier on the skin surface and prevent ski care products to penetrate into the skin. Result? Lack of nourishment and dry skin!!
  • Sleeping with your eye makeup on can cause serious damage as well. It may result in clogging of the hair follicles and oil glands of eyelashes, which irritates them. And such irritations often lead to conjunctivitis. Plus, leftover mascara can make our eyelashes brittle, hence they break easily and shed faster. Terrifying, isn’t it?

So girls, never ever sleep with your makeup on. Get a good makeup remover as it will remove makeup effectively without causing any harm to the skin. You can also opt for olive oil, almond oil etc to remove makeup. Choice is yours, but be sure to take your makeup off and let your skin breathe. Hope you enjoyed my post today 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. This is true but this happens over the time not in one night. Once or twice by mistake is okay but anything becoming a habit is very bad. Great tip Kiran!

  2. OOO…another heights of laziness…quite common among all of us…nice review Kiran as always

  3. Am eye opener post for someone like me. Will definitely remain more careful next time 🙂

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