What Does the Color of Period Blood Mean?

Menstruation, or more commonly known as Period is a normal part of women’s lives. It is nothing but the periodic shedding of endometrium or the lining of uterus. Periods usually starts around puberty and ends at menopause. Period comes and goes every month, but one should know what’s normal and what’s not about their monthly period. We usually don’t find it comfortable enough to sit and talk about this topic, but actually this can reveal a plethora of information about our health. For example : knowing the color of your period blood can reveal a lot about our internal health. Take a look below to know What Does the Color of Period Blood Mean?

What Does the Color of Period Blood Mean?

Menstrual period usually starts at the time of sexual maturity, which is known as puberty. The uterus is lined with endometrial tissues. Various hormones influence these tissues to get thickened up and in this process, a woman gets ready for possible pregnancy. When she is not pregnant, this lining, which is rich in blood is shed once in a month (once in every 28 days approx). This may last for 3-5 days. The blood shed can be anything in between 4 teaspoon to 12 teaspoon per period. A woman’s period blood color depends on lots of things. The blood color can vary with different stages of life and various internal health conditions. When period blood flows out of the body quickly, the color will be red on days when you experience heavy flow or pink on comparatively lighter days. Its normal for period blood color to vary from bright red to pink to brown or black. This is normal. However, some women might feel that something wrong is going on and want to know the possible reasons for the changes. Read on to know What Does the Color of Period Blood Mean?

Bright Red Color

This color signifies that the blood was recently shed and released from body. This type of flow is usually light and one can witness this during days of heavy flow. The reason being blood is shed quickly without having any time to get darken.


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Medium Red Color

Nothing to worry if period blood color is medium red as this is considered healthy. One can witness this during 2nd day of period. According to the experts, women who have longer cycle usually shed the uterus lining at a slower rate and this medium red shade can change to deeper red shade, which again is quite normal.

Meaning of Color of Period Blood

Brown Color

Brown color signifies old blood. It means that the blood has been stayed in the uterus for a long time and has taken longer time to shed. One can witness brown or dark brown blood towards the end of period when the flow is not that heavy.


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Black Color

Now this is something alarming. Grey or black period indicates either miscarriage or any infection in the uterus. One should not ignore this and immediately consult doctor. However, if one witnesses black blood with hints of red on last day of period, then there’s nothing to worry as it signifies congealed blood.

Orange Color

Bright red period blood, when mixed with fluids from cervix, can appear orange with hints of red. This again is not a good sign, as orange colored period blood can indicate infection. Therefore, consulting a doctor is must.

Changes in period blood color is not serious usually. However, certain changes are alarming for our health and often these changes go unnoticed as they occur slowly. If you experience any such changes, it is advisable to see the doctor immediately.

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