What does a Crystal Collagen Eye Mask do?

What does a Crystal Collagen Eye Mask do? – Most of us know about collagen boosting face masks and how they work for our skin, but in this post, I will tell you about Crystal Collagen Eye Mask. Eye masks or Crystal Collagen Eye Mask is a great way to pamper our eyes. When it comes to our daily skin care routine, how much importance do we give to our eyes? Eyes are often the ignored part of our skin care routine. However, eye care is extremely important for all of us, specially if you are involved in something like blogging or any other work that require a lot of exposure to computer screen every single day. In fact, Crystal Collagen Eye Mask can be really helpful for rejuvenating tired eyes.
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What does a Crystal Collagen Eye Mask do, Collagen Eye Mask, Eye Mask, Eye Care

What does a Crystal Collagen Eye Mask do?

As we know, collagen is a type of protein which acts like the main building block for the skin. Collagen production decreases as we age which results in thinner and drier skin with wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen also gives our skin the strength and elasticity which gives a ‘youthful look’ to our skin. It accelerates the turnover of the skin cells and keep our skin smooth, plump and also wrinkle free.
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Collagen masks are specially designed to boost the collagen content of our skin. Moreover, the skin around our eyes is very thin and delicate in nature. And that’s why, it is more vulnerable to the aging symptoms, like wrinkles and fine lines. Not only aging, our under eye area also has to suffer a lot because of our hectic lifestyle. Lack of sleep, long exposure to computer and also mobile screens often lead to puffy, tired eyes, dark circles etc. And Crystal Collagen Eye Mask is the best way to fix those problems.

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask reduces the under eye puffiness, dark circles and redness around the eyes. These masks moisturizes and also brightens the under eye area, gives relief from chronic fatigue and then helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, Crystal Collagen Eye Mask is also very effective in improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin around our eyes. This is like an instant facial for the eyes.

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask, Eye Mask, Eye Care

In case you are wondering, Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen eye mask is one of the most popular and effective collagen eye masks that you will get in the market.

Price of Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen eye mask

Rs.179/- for a set of 3 masks

Direction for use : Just apply on your face and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove.

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Crystal Collagen Eye Mask direction for use, Collagen Eye Mask, Eye Mask, Eye Care

Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen eye mask Ingredients

Water(aqua), Glycerol, Polyvinyl alcohol, Aloe-vera, Grape seed oil(vitis vinfera), Phyto-collagen, Tartaric acid, Sodium polyacrylate, Retinlyl Pamitate(vitamin a), Tocophbry acetate(vitamin E), Plum extract, Green Tea extract, Fragrance.

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask ingredients, Collagen Eye Mask, Eye Mask, Eye Care

What Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen eye mask claim

Mond’Sub Golden Crystal Collagen Eye Masks give you a youthful and radiant pair of alluring eyes. Give your beauty regime a fresh kick-start with Mond’Sub Golden Crystal Collagen Eye Mask, which removes wrinkles around the eye area and also minimizes pores.
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  • Purifies pores of the skin and also helps to avoid pimples & acne caused by pore inflammation.
  • Balances oil secretion and repairs skin problems recovering from the stress.
  • Evens out your skin tone, leaving it looking bright and radiant.
  • Retains the water content into the skin, locking moisture.
  • Also gives you an instant facial in 20 minutes.

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask claims, Collagen Eye Mask, Eye Mask, Eye Care

Availability : Mond’Sub Golden Crystal Collagen Eye Mask is available online at Nykaa and Amazon.

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