What Care Should be Taken During Periods

Hello gorgeous souls 🙂 Here I am back with yet another very important and vital post for our health and well-being. It is in reference to the difficult times in our life. It is regarding the menstrual cycles which we get every month. We all girls know that menstrual cycle which we get every month is very vital for us. It is that few days of the month wherein we need to take extra special care of not only ourselves but our body too. But many of us are not aware of how should you take care of yourselves. So, before you start thinking and panicking during that time of the month, we BHB are here to rescue you. Below given are some of the very easy tips on What Care Should be Taken During Periods.

What Care Should be Taken During Periods

Cramps and Other Discomforts

Cramps are very common during menstruation. The intensity of cramps differs from individual to individual. And similar is the case with discomfort. So, what many people do is that they take painkillers to reduce the pain. Some take hot water bags and other comfort measures to reduce the pain. Also, in some cases stomach bloating is also witnessed, so girls should avoid wearing skinny jeans in those cases. It is just for few days and it will go back to normal very soon.

Take Care of Your Diet

Feeling weakness during periods is extremely common. So, what can you do in that case, you must increase your intake of potassium. And the best food in this case is banana. So, consume more and more food which has higher ratio of potassium. Also, on a safer side it is better to avoid salty and sugary foods.

Take Ample Amount of Rest

Rest is a very important requirement during this menstruation cycle period. You need to avoid your extra working hours, exercises and all that. Your body should not stress more and you must take as much rest as possible. Try to sleep for longer hours during this situation.

Walk and sit normally During Periods

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Engage in Physical Activity

You might be wondering that since in last point I advised you to avoid exercises. But here we advise you to indulge only in that kind of physical activities, which are not tiring. Instead they should be able to shift your mind from pain to much healthier things. Try doing stretching exercises which will take away shift from lower body.


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Walk and Sit Normally

There are a number of girls I have seen who just walk quite strange because they are wearing heavy pads. Thus, I would like to advise them that even if you are wearing too heavy pads just wear easy loose clothes and walk and sit normally and everything else will ultimately fall into place.

See Doctor in Extreme Cases

And there are times when you would be witnessing heavy periods. This can sustain till days or in worst cases months. Thus, you must see a good doctor without any further delay. Also, in case you are witnessing scanty periods then also you should see a doctor.

How to take care During Periods

These were some of the brief points of how you should take care of yourselves during periods. Let me give you some more tips and tricks :

  • If you don’t have a sanitary napkin at any time, use multiple times wrapped toilet paper as a sanitary napkin.
  • Eat as much healthy foods contain potassium and iron.
  • Avoid lifting heavy products during your monthly periods.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Always keep some 2-3 sanitary pads handy. This can be required in emergency situations.

Always remember that this are not one time tips. You need to practice this regularly every month to get long term benefits.

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  1. Fruits especially those which are highly juivy prove to be a healthy indulgence during those days when eating healthy is a priority 🙂 Well-written, Pallavi.

  2. Thanks pallavi for such a informative article

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