Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks for A Summer Bride

Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks for A Summer Bride – Getting married is the most special event in a girl’s life. And that’s why, every girl wants to look at her best in this day! A perfect bridal makeup adds to the happiness and can make this special day simply unforgettable, not only for the bride and groom, but for the guests as well. And a flawless bridal look can be achieved with the help of a professional makeup artist. But for a summer bride, the situation can be slightly difficult. Due to the heat and humidity, it becomes quite difficult to keep the makeup fresh and on place for a long time. However, no need to worry, as we got you covered here with some Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks for A Summer Bride, check them out below 🙂

Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks for A Summer Bride

Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks for A Summer Bride

Skip Your Moisturizer

Its given that the humid Indian summer will make you sweat in the heavy outfits and jewelry. And the last thing you would want is any extra sheen on your face! So opt for an oil free makeup base. Apply oil free primer to create a smooth base for your makeup. And if you are someone with excessive dry skin and cannot think about skipping the moisturizer, then, go for an oil-free formula.

Choose Your Foundation Wisely

Think before you choose your foundation for your wedding makeup. Always go for a water based foundation. Even if you have dry skin, don’t choose a creamy formula. And make sure its long lasting. Chances are high, that you might feel exhausted inside by all the ‘hustle and bustle’, but your face should never show that.

Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks for A Summer Bride

Waterproof Your Eyes

Some of us have oily eyelids and for others, eye shadows tend to fade within minutes. Let your makeup artist, know about all these beforehand, so that he/she can take the precautions to make sure your eye makeup stays put for the entire evening. Go for a non-greasy eye makeup base. Then put concealer on top of that and then apply eye shadow to make it stay put for a long time. Ditch creamy eye shadows and opt for powdery formulas. Use liquid eye liner as they tends to last longer than pencil ones. Whatever makeup you choose for your eyes, make sure the formula must, must be smudge proof and waterproof.

Long Lasting Blush

Blush will be the first thing to run off your face in the summer heat. So never, ever choose a creamy blush, always opt for a powdery formula. Shimmery formulas in the shades of pink, bronze or gold go well with wedding makeup. If you have dry skin and you are worried about powder blush fading fast, then apply a cheek stain first and then top it off with a same color powder blush.

Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks for Summer Brides

Bold Lips

Some of us like bold lips and light eyes, and some prefer dramatic eyes with nude lips. Let your makeup artist know about your preference beforehand. Though bridal makeup means bold eyes and dramatic lips, but we would suggest bold lips and light eye makeup for summer bride. Due to the heat and moisture, its obvious that you will need a number of touch-ups and we think its easier to touch up bold lips than bold eyes. Get a red or bridal coral shade lipstick and make sure its long lasting.

So these were few Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks for A Summer Bride. We can understand that after attending several events and going through all the pre-wedding rituals, doing your own bridal makeup probably be the last thing that you’d want. You can find professional bridal makeup artists in Mumbai, makeup in Delhi or any other city with the help of online wedding planning site like Read reviews, compare prices & choose the best for you.

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