How to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips

How to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips is my post for today. A lipstick can make or break any make up look created. The shade of lipstick is something that is determined via age group, persona, dressing sense and complexion. Just like a neutral shade lipstick can make a person look washed out if the eyes are not done with vibrant colors or if bold colors are used in both the lips as well as the eyes making the woman’s makeup look overdone. Thus no one should be limiting oneself to a few lip shades restricting the fun of makeup enter their life just because of lip darkening or lip pigmentation. Even girls having uneven color tone on lips need to explore lip colors in all kinds of categories from sheer to glossy to matte everything. But the question arises how to take this bold step without letting the dark lips bother you.
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How to wear Lipstick on Dark LipsHow to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips

  • Girls having dark lips should prevent extremely sheer lip colors as it highlights the area and attracts attention towards it. It is better to always opt for lip colors that have medium to buildable pigmentation.
  • Its better to choose lipsticks of good brands that have matte finish as the long wear is required when its not possible to keep layering lips in the open.
  • In order to camouflage for the darkness. One has to go through the following steps.

We need :

  • A concealer or a bb stick or make up stick (preferably of matte finish)
  • A lip filler brush
  • A lip liner (shade should be closer to the lipstick)
  • A lipstick creamy or matte

Things I have used :

  • Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser
  • Olivia make up stick
  • Lipsticks- Avon Glazewear lipstick sunset and Oriflame Vintage Rose
  • Vega Lip filler
  • Makeover lip liner in Orange

How to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips


Step 1:

It is always better to start with well scrubbed lips. There are lip scrubs available in high end brands but an easy home remedy is baby oil and sugar. Using baby oil as a base one should be scrubbing the fine granules of sugar against the lips with a baby brush or simply fingers and wipe it off.

How to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips

Step 2:

Apply a thin layer of bb stick or concealer on the lips using a lip filler brush for even application. Using fingers one must smoothen the layer applied. This not only stretches the stay of the lip shade but also conceals the darkness and pigmentation of the lips. Only a matte finish makeup stick is preferable as the oily ones would not hold the lip color for long.

How to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips

Step 3:

Using the lip liner lips are to be lined accordingly and the line is to be made less prominent by smudging the color towards the inner area of the lips. A lip liner is a must to prevent the bleeding of creamy lipsticks.

How to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips

Step 4:

Now using the lip filler brush the lipstick is to be applied all over the lips. A brush is preferable as this would not interfere with the existing layer of concealer on the lips.

How to wear Lipstick on Dark Lips

Thus in four simple steps one can cover up for dark and pigmented lips and enjoy wearing lip colors as per their choice. However darkness of lips can be treated to a certain extent too.

  • One should apply ghee or a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil in equal amounts or simply glycerine before going to bed at night. This is not to be tried before going out in the sun.
  • Invest in lipsticks which have spf value or sunscreen in them as they protect the lips under the sun.
  • While using creamy lip shades always blot with a tissue and reapply to avoid messy lips in a few hours of application.
  • Never sleep with make up on and remove using lip make up remover or baby oil or simply wipes,
  • Eat healthy and see a doctor if the darkness looks unusual to treat it permanently.

Hope you like it. Do share your tips on removal of lip pigmentation and if you follow other methods of concealing the darkness of lips πŸ™‚

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  1. Geetanjali Bharali

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  2. Hi Geetanjali !
    Maroon shade lipsticks have an opaque pigmentation so it really does not matter whether it is worn on dark lips or pink lips. however wearing lighter shades are mostly doubted because they cannot always hide the lip pigmentation πŸ™‚

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