VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit Review

Friends Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so I am back with a great home facial kit review that is VLCC party glow facial kit review for the young college going girls and office goers who wants a great facial glow to flaunt on the V-day to meet their respective special ones :). From the house of VLCC Natural Sciences, Party Glow Facial Kit provides instant glow, for those special occasions.
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VLCC party glow facial kit contains Indian Barberry Face Scrub, Saffron Massage gel, Snigdha face cream and insta glow face pack. Isn’t it has really interesting ingredients?? The names of the step by step procedure itself tempted me to try this out and believe me it really worked wonderfully, true to its claims. So, friends make your V-Day extra special by looking very special with this Party Glow Facial Kit. Read on to know more about this product. Read my post VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit review to know more.

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Price : Rs. 175/- for 40 gms (total) [I got VLCC Daily protect Antipollution facewash worth Rs.49/- free with this pack]

Ingredients and direction for use :

ingredients and direction for use VLCC Party Glow Facial Image

ingredients and direction for use VLCC Party Glow Facial 1

Shelf life : 33 months from the date of manufacturing

Color :

  1. Indian Berryberry Face scrub: White with black & brown scrub particles
  2. Saffron Massage Gel: Saffron colored gel like
  3. Snigdha Face Cream:  Pure white
  4. Insta Glow Face Pack: White

Smell : Herbal & scented fragrance which is just amazing!

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What VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit claims

VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit provides instant glow to your skin, leaving it fairer, radiant and nourished.

swatches of VLCC Party Glow Facial

My experience with VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit

The VLCC party glow facial kit comes in a well elaborate informative green colored pack. The packaging is normal yet nice. The pack contains 4 sachets of each Indian Barberry face scrub, saffron massage gel, Snigdha face cream, insta glow face pack. VLCC party glow facial kit pack consists of goodness of rich amount of skin radiating and nourishing herbal ingredients as we have seen. The sachets have enough pack, scrub and gel to get at least 2 times facial out of it. The best way to get the facials from these kits are by doing them at home itself  with the help of beautician who will give you an elaborate massage experience and you will feel rejuvenated as well :).

Ideally the complete session of cleansing, scrubbing, massaging, steaming, face pack procedures should take at least 1-1.5hrs to get a great fresh feeling. But it depends on the beautician & you, how much and to what extend you want the facial regime to be done. My massaging regime is at least once a month. Since regular facial massaging helps tightening our face skin and helps in blood circulation a lot. If the blood circulation is good, then you generally don’t get any wrinkles, sagging of skin, puffy eyes etc. prematurely. Also your glaze, glow and shine on face remains longer by following a good regular facial regimeJ. So, hope you all are ready to shine, glow and look extra special on the V-Day.

Hence, VLCC party glow facial kit is really a value for money cheap and affordable facial kit for one and all. It can be used every month to maintain facial glow, nourishment and radiance of face skin. I will recommend it at least a try for one and all.

Good about VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit

  • Infused with great herbal ingredients
  • Fragrance is just amazing
  • Cheap and value for money product
  • 2 times usage per facial kit available
  • Regular usage can help in maintaining facial radiance glow
  • Provides nourishment to the face skin
  • Elaborate and detailed information printed on the pack
  • Great results

Bad about VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit

  • Sachets needs to be stored properly in order to avoid drying up before next usage
  • Needs elaborate massaging to get the perfect results
  • Time consuming procedure
  • Hectic schedule followers may find it difficult to use

Availability : Medical shops and cosmetic stores

Fashion and beauty Ratings : 3.5/5 ♥♥♥•

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  1. nice kit piyali i will try VLCC kits once I am done with previous ones

  2. great review dear 🙂 perfect for tomorrow

  3. looks good.. 😀

  4. VLCC facials are superb ! nice review 🙂

  5. ya even i like vlcc kits.

  6. This looks good…

  7. Hi..love ur posts….
    As it was a party glow facial kit,so the results were seen after 2days of the facial or after once the facial is done…many claim that glow comes after 2days of facial..so would I do this beffore 2days of the party or before few hours of party..kindly suggest

    • Thanks 🙂 Before 2 days of party. if you use before 2 hours of party then it will only give u a clean face up feeling not glow so use before 2 days of Party

  8. very nyc product

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