VLCC Neem Face Wash Review

Hello everyone! Here I am back again with another face wash review and its VLCC Neem Face Wash Review. Hope you all are doing fine and enjoying monsoon 🙂 Monsoon means cooling rain and breezy wind and monsoon also means extra skin care. We often face various skin concerns during humid monsoon weather. Pimples, zits, rashes etc are pretty common. And if there is one such ingredient that can come handy to combat such skin worries is Neem. So recently I picked up this neem facewash from VLCC.

VLCC Neem Face Wash Review

VLCC Neem Face Wash was recently launched by VLCC. Apart from neem, this face wash contains chamomile and tea tree. All of these are amazingly effective natural skin care ingredient. The face wash claims to deep cleanse the face effectively and gently without making the skin dry. The formula also controls excessive oil secretion and leaves you with sparkling fresh skin. But does it stay true to its claim? Check out VLCC Neem Face Wash Review below to find out.

pack, VLCC Neem Face Wash Review

Price of VLCC Neem Face Wash : Rs.150/- for 150 ml

Direction for use and Ingredients :
how to use and ingredients, VLCC Neem Face Wash Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Transparent green

Smell : refreshing smell

cap, VLCC Neem Face Wash Review

What VLCC Neem Face Wash claims

claims, VLCC Neem Face Wash Review

swatch, VLCC Neem Face Wash Review

My experience with VLCC Neem Face Wash

VLCC Neem Face Wash comes in a semi transparent plastic tube which has a small transparent part near the neck. This transparent part helps to keep a check on how much product is left. It has green colored flip open cap which shuts tightly and make it secure enough to be carried during travelling.

The face wash is green in color, beautiful refreshing green. And the smell it has is also amazing and I guess it’s actually chamomile smell. Sensitive noses may find the smell a little overpowering, but it’s quite refreshing. The smell lingers for some time post wash. VLCC Neem Face Wash has gel like texture, but it’s little sticky and the consistency is little bit on the thicker side.

I have been using this VLCC Neem Face Wash since past 2 weeks almost and I am quite happy with the result. I have a soft corner for neem face washes and this one is the best I have used till date. Like I said earlier, it’s little sticky in texture and so doesn’t spread easily. Take out pea sized amount on your palm and mix some water (couple of drops) with that and you are all sorted. It lathers well and effectively removes oil and dirt and light makeup as well. Post wash skin feels very refreshed and clean, but without any stretchy feeling. And yes, skin looks glowing too 🙂

VLCC Neem Face Wash, as claimed, does work on acne and pimples. My sister had few bumps on her forehead and after 2-3 uses, they got reduced in size and gradually disappeared. It also works on bigger acne, but takes some time. This face wash keeps my skin oil free for more than 4 hours which I guess is not too bad considering the humid weather at present.

VLCC Neem Face Wash is enriched with the goodness of neem, chamomile and tea tree. Neem effectively cures pimples, acne etc and prevents future breakouts. Chamomile and tea tree rejuvenates skin and make skin fresh and energized.

Overall, VLCC Neem Face Wash is a good neem face wash. It controls breakout, keeps skin oil free and improves the texture of skin. So if you are looking for a good daily use face wash that will cater to your skin concerns, then go give it a try.

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Good about VLCC Neem Face Wash

  • Refeshing  green color packaging
  • Amazing aroma
  • Pea sized amount is required
  • Controls acne
  • Keeps skin oil free for long
  • Skin feels fresh
  • Affordable price

Bad about VLCC Neem Face Wash

  • Little sticky in texture
  • Still not widely available in stores
  • Little overpowering smell

Availability : easily available online

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4.8/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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