VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub Review

Hello Readers, today my post is about VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub Review. I am totally addicted to facial scrubs and hardly do I skip using a scrub especially on my face. If I happen to miss it in any week then I look dull and tired for the rest of the days. While post scrubbing my face looks super bright and this adds confidence in my spirit. So whatever happens besides my CTM I do not let anything come in between me and my face scrubs even it is my biggest enemy that is laziness 😛

VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub Review

VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub is formulated with the goodness of moisturizing banana pulp and Indian Berberry, skin rejuvenating papaya extract, deep cleansing properties of kaolin, skin beautifying margosa extract and fenugreek and walnut shell powder. It is meant to refresh and exfoliate the skin, retexturize and smoothen the skin of dead cells. It is suitable for all skin types as it is derived from plant extracts.

Price of VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub : Rs.220/- for 80 gms

Direction for use and Ingredients :

how to use and ingredients, VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : White

Smell : Pleasant

cap, VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub Review

What VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub claims

This remarkable product exfoliates, cleans and refreshes the skin. Indian Berberry extract make this exfoliator apt for all skin types that help in removal of dead skin cells and blackheads thereby leading to regeneration of newer ones.

swatch, VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub Review

My experience with VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub

VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub has a super hygienic tube based packaging which keeps me tension free against the life of this scrub. The scrubbing granules are tiny and do not hurt the facial skin. the base used is creamy and good for all types of skin. Being easily available both online as well as offline it can be purchased from anywhere. One tube goes a long way as I use it twice every week only on the face and this makes its price reasonable. Somehow this scrub does not remain pocket friendly if it is used on other parts of the body too.

VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub is a white colored scrub with walnut scrubbing granules which are meant to be massaged gently on wet face to get visibly clear skin in a few minutes. I use it immediately after cleaning my face with a face wash and proceed to squeeze out a dollop for the whole face. As I have few whiteheads and few blackheads on my nose which keeping popping from time to time I concentrate more on this part. After a few seconds I wash it off with plain water and what is left behind is smooth skin free from impurities. It kicks away dirt, grime, makeup and obviously the dead skin.

The best part is that the scrubbing particles exfoliate extremely well without scratching the skin at all. Post use skin is refreshed and rejuvenated and gets a nice glow too. The blackheads are almost gone while the whiteheads are partially present. For better results one can use a little steam to ease the whiteheads and blackheads removal. After sometime one needs to follow up with moisturizer or serum to lock the moisture in to the skin. This is an amazing scrub from VLCC whose products are widely available and that too on discount. Only thing is that this scrub does not fare equally good if used for body exfoliation.

Overall VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub pampers skin to say goodbye to dead skin, dust, dirt and oil like impurities helping to unveil the inner beauty of the skin which gets hidden under these. Highly recommended for facials and cleanups to get glowing and flawless complexion.

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Good about VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub

  • Clears skin of dead cells
  • Makes skin squeaky clean of dirt and makeup
  • Does not dehydrate the skin
  • Gentle for facial skin
  • Fights blackheads nicely
  • Clears some whiteheads too
  • No irritation caused
  • Easily available

Bad about VLCC Indian Berberry Scrub

  • Too gentle if used as a body scrub

Availability : easy

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Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. Same pinch Juthika! Even I love scrubs a lot!? And this one looks pretty good! Thanks for the review, will consider it next time!?

  2. I love those scrubs which gives scrubbing effect and as u said that its a gentle on body so no no its not for me 🙁 good review dear

    • Thank you Kiran 🙂 Yes it works for the face but being a facial scrub it does not work amazingly for the other parts of the body 🙂

  3. I want to try this, I like scrubs that come in tube 😀

  4. Rashmita Rakshit

    I am going to try this out for sure.. 🙂

  5. Can men use it for fairness?

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