Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel Review

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel Review – Most of you already know that I am a sucker of good bath & body products. Recently I have started using Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel which I received in one of my monthly beauty subscription boxes. Honestly, I have never heard about this brand before. And here lies the ‘fun’ of these monthly beauty boxes. They introduce you to products that you will hardly get anywhere else. I have dry skin on my body and that’s why, I try to avoid soaps as much as possible. My bathroom cabinet is filled with 5-6 different shower gels and body washes. Lets now get into the details about this Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel.

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel Review

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel Review

Vertigo is a French fashion brand, founded in the 1984 by the designer Daniel Mimoun and businessman Simon Attias. The Vertigo Parfums was launched in 2006 in collaboration with the Beauty License Unlimited. Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel was launched by the design house of Vertigo Parfums in 2006. It possesses a blend of Orange, Lemon, Lush Greens, Sandalwood, Aldehydes, Rose, Muguet, White Musks, Tuberose, Galbanum, Ylang, White Amber, Jasmine. Check out my Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel Review below to decide whether you want to get it for yourself or not.

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel packaging

Price of Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel :

Rs.1099/- for 175 ml

Direction for use : Apply shower gel onto your wet skin, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel Ingredients :
Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel ingredients

Shelf life :

Color : Transparent peach

Smell : Beautiful floral fragrance

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel opening

What Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel claims

VERTIGO by Vertigo Parfums for WOMEN SHOWER GEL 6 OZ Launched by the design house of Vertigo Parfums in 2006, VERTIGO by Vertigo Parfums possesses a blend of Orange, Lemon, Lush Greens, Sandalwood, Aldehydes, Rose, Muguet, White Musks, Tuberose, Galbanum, Ylang, White Amber, Jasmine. It is recommended for casual wear.

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel

My experience with Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel comes inside an opaque white tube. It has a flip open cap which shuts tightly with an audible click sound. The output hole dispenses the right amount of product which means you don’t have to worry about product wastage. The back of the tube bears the ingredient list. I always love it when my shower gels come in tube packaging, since tubes are convenient to carry around.

Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel bears an amazing floral smell, and to tell you the truth, I am quite addicted to it. It gives you a luxurious feeling in the shower! The shower gel isn’t too runny or too thick and easy to use. It is translucent peach in color which again is very appealing to the eyes. It foams up nicely and cleanses the body well by removing every trace of dirt, grime and oil. Post shower, skin feels super fresh and clean!

This shower gel doesn’t dry out the skin, but it neither moisturizes the skin. Therefore, you need to follow up with a lightweight body lotion (in summer). For dry skin beauties, I would say to skip it in winter. The amazing fragrance of Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel lingers on for some time post shower, however, I wish it stayed little longer.

Overall, Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel is just an average shower gel. It has a wonderful fragrance and that’s the only stand-out feature about it. Otherwise, it performs just like an ordinary shower gel. If highly fragrant shower gels are your priority, you can give this a try!

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Good about Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel

  • Nice packaging
  • Good consistency
  • Wonderful fragrance
  • Foams up nicely
  • Cleanses skin nicely
  • Imparts a fresh and clean feeling post shower
  • Doesn’t dry out skin

Bad about Vertigo Parfums Shower Gel

  • Expensive
  • Not easily available
  • Nothing extra-ordinary except the fragrance

Availability : Online

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 3.5/5

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