Vega Set of 5 Cosmetic Brushes Review

Hey everyone 🙂 Few days before I purchased this Vega Set Of 5 Cosmetic Brushes from online shopping and today it is Vega Set of 5 Cosmetic Brushes Review. When covering acne and blemishes, having the right makeup brush is just as important as choosing the right concealer. Makeup brushes can transform your look from simple to stylish and this Set of 5 Brushes from Vega is the perfect tool for transformation. So let’s check it out for more about this set.
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Vega Set of 5 Cosmetic Brushes Review
Set of 5 Vega Make-Up Brushes having 5 unique and makeup essential brushes. This brush set is compact and easy to carry in purse while travelling or out from your home.

Price : Rs. 250/- for 5 brushes

Vega Set Of 5 Cosmetic Brushes are

  • Lip Liner
  • Lip Filler
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Applicator
  • Blush Brush

Vega Set of 5 Cosmetic Brushes, Vega brushes

vega brush

Vega brush detail

vega eye applicator, vega eye shadow brush, vega lip filler

What Vega Set Of 5 Cosmetic Brushes Claims

Vega Set of 5 Cosmetic Brushes claims

My Experience with Vega Set Of 5 Cosmetic Brushes

I always use vega accessories for nails, combs, makeup etc., Vega products are always durable, very easy to handle, non-allergic and easy available. Apart from this, these products comes in reasonable price. The quality of the brushes are really good. the height of the brush is less. it would be 6 inches hardly. The quality of the brushes is amazing. Vega Set Of 5 Cosmetic Brushes are soft, smooth and have perfect density of bristles.

Makeup brushes can enhance your makeup from simple to elegant and one of it is Set of 5 Brushes from Vega. The Vega Set of 5 Brushes is exclusively made for all those women who love makeup and are craving for the right tool for flawless makeup.

Availability : Easily available

Fashion and Beauty Ratings :  4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  1. I have this set from last one n half year..its affordable and good… thumbs up (Y)

  2. wow quite an affordable buy! Great to have one set! 🙂

  3. Nicely reviewd dear. i had another kit from vega for biggners and that was realy good, i also reviewd it on my blog.

  4. Vega makeup amnd bath accessories are always nice 🙂

  5. good for beginners

  6. Vega has some grt collections. I love them 🙂 nice review 🙂

  7. Perfect for beginners 🙂

  8. yes friends its good for beginners 🙂 thanks all 🙂

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