Vega Fan Makeup Brush Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review Vega Fan Makeup Brush. Who does not like to look glam and dolled up? Whether its a groupfie or a casual get together each one of us desire to stand out in the crowd. Almost every girl owns similar eye and face makeup products but only few know to master their use. A fan brush is a must have to apply a highlighter which instantly adds that missing glamour quotient which gets hidden somewhere under dull tired skin.

Vega Fan Makeup Brush Review

Vega Fan Makeup Brush?is a a cult favorite among top notch professionals and celebrities. Makeup which is a way of representing ones personality needs the right tools to pick the shades as per the mood and occasion. Vega makes premium quality brushes at affordable range which are easy to use and get a different look every time. So scroll down below to read Vega Fan Makeup Brush Review and find out how it fared me.

Vega Fan Makeup Brush pack 1

Vega Fan Makeup Brush pack 2

Price of Vega Fan Makeup Brush?: Rs.70/- only

Directions for Use: Use to dust off excess eye shadow and apply highlighter

Ingredients :Not mentioned

Vega Fan Makeup Brush look

Vega Fan Makeup Brush care for brush

Shelf life: Not Mentioned

Color : Combination of yellow-black

Smell: None

What Vega Fan Makeup Brush claims

Vega Fan Makeup Brush claims

Vega Fan Makeup Brush bristles

My experience with Vega Fan Makeup Brush

Vega Fan Makeup Brush is a basic makeup brush whose bristles are in the shape of a hand fan. The brush has a lightweight wooden body and sleek brushes spread out evenly. The bristles do not lose their original shape post washing. Quality of this brush is quite good as its bristles are soft to touch and not like local brushes available at the same price which are harsh and might scratch the skin too.

As claimed by the company, Vega Fan Makeup Brush?has two simple usesto apply highlighter and dust off excess powder. Some makeup experts use a protective sheet to prevent the excess eye shadow powder from messing up the face makeup. The easiest way is to start with eye makeup and dust off the residual with a fan brush and then start the face makeup. Not exactly like a pro fan brush but it helps to get rid of 80% of the excess eye shadow powder fallen on the cheeks. If the bristles were a little more scattered it might have been easier to work with it.

However as a highlighter applicator Vega Fan Makeup Brush works superb. Due to its slim head, it is easy to apply without overdoing any part. In fact it becomes super easy to apply highlighter on the nose bridge which plays the most important part while working with highlighter shades. Also another great news I that there is no shedding of hair post washing which means these brushes have a long life too. Thus at this price it is too much to ask for a pro brush like results but is always better to pick a basic Vega brush than investing in local company makeup tools.

Overall Vega Fan Makeup Brush?is a decent fan brush with a lightweight body and bristles which do not shed off soon. A must have for highlighter application and to some extent dust off excess of eye shadow powder.

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Good about Vega Fan Makeup Brush

  • Eases highlighter application
  • No shedding of hair
  • Shape too remains intact
  • Soft bristles
  • Lightweight wooden body
  • Better than other brushes at the same price

Bad about?Vega Fan Makeup Brush

  • Does not dust off all the excess eye shadow powder
  • Just a regular makeup brush

Availability: Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5

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