VCare Shikakai Paste Review

Hello Readers, I am going to share VCare Shikakai Paste Review. A beauty lover’s free day routine is a great day to do some skin and hair pampering stuff at home. Who does not like to look well maintained so why not invest a few hours on yourself just once a week. Usually on weekends I get my weekly cleanup done, apply hair color or masque, fix my nail paint and do my pedicure too. It feels as relaxing as a spa just without deflating your wallet. This time I picked a shikakai paste from Vkare to pamper my hair on off days. Let’s check out more about VCare Shikakai Paste below.

VCare Shikakai Paste Review

VCare Shikakai Paste is a revolutionary sulphate and paraben free deep cleansing product which is enriched with the goodness of shikakai, soy protein and provitamin B5. A 5 minute massage with this paste imparts squeaky clean hair with the goodness of Shikakai, intense nourishment of soy protein, deep hydration of provitamin B5 and good health with hibiscus. It comes in two sizes and is widely available online as well as in cities where their clinics are present. Below I have shared my experience of using VCare Shikakai Paste. So let’s move onto my VCare Shikakai Paste Review.

VCare Shikakai Paste pack

Price of VCare Shikakai Paste : Rs.89/- for 75 gm

Direction for use and?Ingredients :

VCare Shikakai Paste direction for use and ingredients

VCare Shikakai Paste

Shelf life: 2 years

Color : Brown

Smell: Shikakai

What VCare Shikakai Paste claims

VCare Shikakai Paste claims

VCare Shikakai Paste swatch

My experience with VCare Shikakai Paste

VCare Shikakai Paste?is a suphate and paraben free deep cleansing herbal paste. The squeeze tube has a small opening under the cap which helps discharging the product without any kind of wastage. It is travel friendly and non messy because of its consistency which does not let the product drip or leak. The price tag may not look high but one 75 gm tube lasts a few uses when used as a scalp masque.

As per their instructions one needs to take sufficient quantity in hand and add water to make a slightly runny paste. This is to be massaged for 5 minutes and rinsed off just like normal shampoo. This way it gives results which are similar to any herbal shampoo. As I am too scared of massaging wet scalp and that’s why I mix VCare Shikakai Paste with curd and apply this all over the scalp and keep it covered with a shower cap. After about 10-15 minutes I wash it off and never feel the need of using a hair cleanser next to it because shikakai itself is a natural shampoo. Once again rinsing this away is easy and a time saving process as this shikakai paste acts like a two in one product i.e. masque in cleanser.

This way VCare Shikakai Paste just works perfectly. Ultimately it makes the scalp super clean and feels so fresh. In fact the strands feel soft to touch plus its scalp balancing properties keeps my scalp oil free for three days even after sweating out heavily at the gym every single day. People with oily scalp can use this shikakai paste from VCare on scalp once weekly as a scalp masque and see how amazingly it controls excessive oil of the scalp. Plus one can add lots of other ingredients to this paste and prepare a much more nourishing masque. While most hair products have a host of chemicals, VCare Shikakai Paste is still a bit safer as it does not have sulphates and parabens. Pure shikakai paste might do wonders but honestly its a little messy while this paste makes it a great alternative for lazy bums like me.

Overall, VCare Shikakai Paste is a sulphate and paraben free two in one masque in cleanser which deep cleanses the scalp, keeps excessive oil in control and softens hair too. A great alternative to other herbal masques which are messy and time consuming too.

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Good about VCare Shikakai Paste

  • Deep cleansing action
  • Works as a mask in cleanser
  • Paraben and sulphate free
  • Makes hair soft
  • Non messy paste consistency
  • Easy to use and rinse away
  • Zero product wastage with appropriate packaging
  • Balances scalp and keeps it oil free up to three days
  • Good alternative of other messy masque for busy women
  • Does not dry out the scalp or hair

Bad about VCare Shikakai Paste

  • Has many chemicals in its ingredient list
  • Does not last long if used as a scalp mask instead of as a cleanser

Availability: Online (Amazon) as well as offline

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5

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  1. A shikakai paste with lots of chemicals. That sounds bad on so many levels.

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