Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo Review

Hey everyone 🙂 Today is my post is about Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo Review which I received in my October Vellevette Box. This is first time I used this brand shampoo. Even just few months before I reviewed this same brands shower gel on blog, may be you remember other wise just click on shower gel I linked there. I have very thin and dry types of hair and no bounce at all so when I saw this shampoo in box I really wished hope that it will work for me so lets check it out that Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo works for me or not ?

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo Review

Its luxury brand and mainly used in 5 star hotels toiletry’s item. Shampooing is really important part of hair cleaning and if you got exact and good shampoo for you hair then that’s really good thing to achieve good hair but some time wrong choice shampoo even makes our hair more dry and rough. So when i received this shampoo in my box I really got worried that what to do ? then finally I decide lets try once after all I am a beauty blogger and its my job to use  it and reviewed it and finally I am posting it review on blog so lets check it out for more

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo

Price of Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo : Rs.187/- for 250 ml

Ingredients and direction for use :

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo ingredients

Smell : Sandalwood strong smell

Color : Creamy white

Shelf life : 18 months

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo

 What Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo Claims

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo
Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo swatch

My experience with Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo

Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo comes in transparent bottle with flip flop cap. Packaging is very sturdy so its really travel friendly too. Consistency of Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo is little thick than normal shampoo. Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo has strong sandalwood smell which is very aromatic type, its smell stays with my hair for almost full day and I like it very much that my hair smells good a full day. This smell of shampoo makes my day nice quickly. Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo leathers a lot than other shampoos and just little quantity of shampoo requires for my whole shoulder length hair. That’s why this Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo goes for long last. Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo also rinse easily and it condition my hair very well so some time I just skipped my conditioner because of it great conditioner value.   Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo actually moisturized my hair very well and trust me In just first wash I noticed magical change in my hair. After using Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo my hair feels so smooth and looks shiny. Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo also gives a good volume to my thin normal hair. I have not noticed these all results with just one shampoo before but Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo actually works for me and does not create any hair fall and damaged at all.

Vantiv Moisturising Shampoo is highly recommended product for everyone and if you really want shiny, bouncy, smooth, soft hair then really go for it 🙂

Good about Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo

  • Smell stays with my hair for long last
  • leathers well and easily rinse
  • Cleanse my hair and scalp nicely
  • Makes my hair soft, smooth, bouncy
  • It condition hair very well so no need of conditioner
  • Results stays with my hair almost for 2 days
  • Little quantity requires to wash hair
  • improved texture and strength of hair
  • enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which restores moisture and makes your hair smooth, soft and shiny.
  • Regular use reduces frizziness and dryness of hair.
  • Best for Dry Brittle Hair

Bad about Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo

  • nothing at all

Availability : easily available online

Fashion and Beauty Ratings :  5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥ 

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  1. wow i like such shampoos which moisturize hair also its not that expensive

  2. Its always great to know about new brands…Its great if it hydrates the hair so well…

  3. Geetanjali Bharali

    seems like a good product at a good price.

  4. This sounds good 🙂

  5. looks nice..!

  6. Looks like a must have shampoo 🙂

  7. sindhura gurazada

    Seems to be a good one .. nice review kiran .!

  8. piyali toshniwal

    This one seems 2 b a new & unique shampoo for me 🙂

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