Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit Review

Hello Readers, today I will be writing Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit Review. I am not into fairer skin or skin whitening but like most beauty conscious species I want clearer and flawless skin. For visibly clean skin face wash and scrub are not enough as one needs to complete the process with toners, massage cream, face pack and a compatible lotion. Facial kits available these days serve this purpose as one can get an inexpensive clean up in the comfort of one’s home and that too without having to search for different products under different brands.

Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit ReviewVaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit is available on many online portals while one can always check Vaadi range of products from their parent website. This saffron facial kit claims to brighten and whiten the complexion as it is infused with many natural ingredients like sandalwood which clears up impurities of the skin, shea butter which nourishes the skin and oils of cinnamon, lemon grass, basil which beautify the skin. Continue reading on Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit Review to know more about the product.

pack, Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit Review

Price of Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit : Rs.275/-

Direction for use, Ingredients and what Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit claims :

direction for use, ingredients and claims, Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : creamy white and yellow mostly

Smell : Pleasant

cap, Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit Review

swatch, Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit Review

My experience with Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit

Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit comes packed in a nice box in which four tubs of facial kit essentials are packed. This kit is good enough for at least 4 uses although some products might finish off before the others. A fusion of saffron sandalwood fragrance has been added which is mild and pleasant. As per the instructions one needs to start with the cleansing cream followed by the scrub, massage cream and finally the face pack.

The cleansing cream has a thick texture which cleanses skin while its creamy base obstructs any stretchy feeling post use. Some might feel that it does not give that deep cleansing effect but then it is more like any cleansing milk. Next one needs to follow up with the scrub provided. The scrub feels mild on the skin and its walnut granules sparsely added in to the base which makes this not something apt for deep exfoliation. The scrub feels gentle on the skin and takes away impurities. None of these products feel harsh on the skin.

Next is the massage cream. Those who have large pores can use any toner in between. The massage cream is oily and only after a light massage it gets somewhat absorbed into the skin. The excess of the cream is to be wiped off from the surface of the skin using a soft cloth. Once removed skin feels smooth, supple and intensely nourished. The last step is the pack which is needs to be applied in a thin layer and left for half an hour or less till it dries up. After using this facial skin feels softer and cleaner. Neither does it whiten the complexion nor fight the marks of the skin as claimed. There is nothing extraordinary about this kit, it is something which is easy to use and good for regular home cleanups.

Overall Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit is another budget friendly facial kit which does not brighten complexion or remove marks as claimed but is good enough for home facials and regular cleanups.

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Good about Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit

  • Makes skin soft and supple  post use
  • None of the products feel harsh on the skin
  • Massage cream is extremely nourishing
  • Products also available separately
  • Inexpensive compared to a salon cleanup
  • Budget friendly

Bad about Vaadi Saffron Whitening Facial Kit

  • Does not brighten complexion
  • Scrub is too mild for deep exfoliation
  • Does not help in spot removal or under eye dark circles
  • Does not fight wrinkles as claimed

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3/5 ♥♥♥

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