How to Use Patanjali Kesar for Face

Hello lovely ladies πŸ™‚ Here I am going to talk about How to Use Patanjali Kesar for Face. Ever wondered how to use those beauty essentials which lie stashed conscientiously in your kitchen? The wonder ingredient Kesar (also called Saffron in English) can be used not just internally but also externally for enhancing your semblance by doing away with dull, haggard and tired skin, blemishes and acne/pimple marks. While when consumed with milk and jaggery, it works inwardly to engender that enviable radiance which you covet, but there are myriad ways in which you can put it to use and let it work its magic on your skin from the outside πŸ™‚

How to Use Patanjali Kesar for Face

A weekly sojourn to my neighborhood Patanjali outlet lets me unleash my innate shopaholic since not only are the products mainly herbal (which catch my eye) but also are dirt-cheap (which makes my tight-fistedness go in for a toss).?So, today I will review Patanjali Kesar and let you know?How to Use Patanjali Kesar for Face. So check out girls!

Price of Patanjali Kesar : Rs.200/- for 1 gm

Directions for use : Add a few strands to milk or whatever ingredient you are using it in unison with.

Patanjali Kesar pack

Ingredients : Kesar

Shelf life : 18 Months

Color : Dark Red

Smell : Nothing

Patanjali Kesar opening

What Patanjali Kesar claims


Patanjali Kesar swatch

My experience with Patanjali Kesar

Patanjali Kesar comes packed in a minuscule plastic container with an additional packing to prevent spillage. The packing is very simple and it raises doubts regarding the authenticity of the Kesar that eventually reaches me because the package can be conveninetly opened and the product tampered with. So, on account of packaging, it is poor because for the price being paid, one naturally expects better packaging at least to allay one’s fear to landing with adulterated products.

However, I have used almost half the amount of kesar in the container by now and I am assured regarding its authenticity πŸ™‚ All skin types, in my opinon can use Kesar conveniently. It neither dries out dry skin nor makes oily face look all the more oily. In fact, it is one of those few wonder ingredients that can be used with abandon by all skin types. I hereby, enlist the ways in which oily, dry and normal skin can incorporate Patanajali Kesar in their skin care regimen to draw its benefits πŸ™‚ So take a look on?How to Use Patanjali Kesar for Face.

For dry skin – Mix sufficient quantity of raw Aloe vera juice with a few (around 3-4) strands of Patanjali kesar. Let it stay undisturbed for at least 1 hour. After an hour, the color of the gel would have turned yellow more or less. You can apply it on your face and skin and let it dry. Wash off after an hour and get brightened complexion. By that, I do not mean “fair skin”. I mean skin which is cleared off all its inherent impurities πŸ™‚ If you find the concoction a bit runny, you can add a heaped tablespoon of Etheric Rose petal powder, mix it well and then apply on you face and skin. Use it twice a week.

For oily skin – Mix 3 tablespoons of buttermilk (called Chhachh in Hindi) with 3-4 strands of Patanjali Kesar. Leave the concoction undisturbed for about an hour after which it would have turned yellow in appearance. If you are fine with the runny consistency of the concoction, then apply it as it as. Keep it for an hour and then wash off. If you aren’t, add a heaped tablespoon of Multani mitti?and then apply the concoction. This remedy can be used twice a week.

For normal skin – In a bowl containing 3 tbsp of milk, add 3-4 strands of Patanjali kesar. Leave it undisturbed for an hour. After an hour, when the mixture would have turned yellow, if you are fine with the runny texture, apply it on you face and neck. If not, add a tbs of either Etheric rose petal powder or besan. Keep it for an hour and wash off later, with ample cold water. It can be used twice a week conveniently.

I have dry skin and follow the above remedy twice a week (of course, it can be used more often in case you wish to ) πŸ™‚ and the results are noteworthy. Not only has my skin smoothed out but also there’s a marked difference in the way my skin looked. The dullness and tiredness is solely eliminated with a noticeable glow conspicuously visible πŸ™‚ The time for results to show will naturally vary depending on your skin’s present condition, frequency of usage, diet and weather conditions. So please don’t expect overnight miracles as they show in movies or advertisements. It’s a natural remedy so, it will take time to get used to your skin. Being patient is indispensable.

Patanjali Kesar is not only readily available and an economical option as compared to other Kesar brands, but also efficacious in pampering your skin provided it is used regularly and in unison with ingredients that suit your skin type.

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Good about Patanjali Kesar

  • Readily available, so the availability constraint usually in case of Kesar is removed.
  • Regaular usae smoothens as well as softens skin
  • Can be combined with a host of natural ingredients when preparing DIYs
  • Suitable for use by all skin types
  • Can be consumed that is, a few strands can be added to milk and drunk
  • Brightens appearance if used on a regular basis

Bad about Patanjali Kesar

  • Poor packaging

Availability : Patanjali outlets

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5

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  1. I have never use kesar for skin but after reading Your post I will try for pakka

    • You should Kiran. It gives a very natural glow and doesn’t even stain one’s face πŸ™‚ Moreover, if you want to expedite its effect, add a few strands of it in milk and have it everyday. That will bring of the glow fron within πŸ˜‰

  2. Is it authentic Kesar??

    • I have soaked it in milk for an hour and the colour turned bright yellow. That proves its authenticity Ankita πŸ™‚

  3. Never knw abt their kesar….great find πŸ™‚

  4. I didn’t knew Patanjali has kesar also???nice review btw

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