Types of Bags and Their Usage

Bags define women. We can’t imagine ourselves going out without a bag now-a-days. But bags are not only a necessity, but a fashion statement as well. You don’t have to carry a designer piece to look classy. Even a simple bag carried with the right ensemble can give a much defined look. Varieties of bags are available in the market these days. Each of them has different uses and purpose. So check out my post on types of bags and their usage. This is more of a simple tip book to know what the different types of bags are and which can be carried when. As a famous quote goes “There are two things that you cannot get enough of – Good friends and Good bags”. So without any further ado let’s dive into the world of purses. Scroll down below to know about the Types of Bags and Their Usage.

types of bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage


hobo bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

To start with one of the most popular bags. It’s called the HOBO BAG. It’s a large soft bag with zip pockets and a shoulder strap; it’s very versatile ranging from simple leather solids to fun prints. You can fit in a lot of things in this bag including a small jacket and tablet. This is an easy to carry all bags and yet look classy. You can carry it to some summer outing or a quick brunch and yet look classy. This is a must have for every women’s wardrobe.


hand bag, Types of Bags and Their Usage

The next comes in line is the HAND BAG. This is typically carried in bottom half of the hand below the elbow. There is a style to carry it and it looks quiet chic. The downside of using a “handbag” is that one hand always remains occupied and it gets really tough to do everything with one hand. So because of this disadvantage, women generally don’t tend to use this bag as much as before.

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satchel bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

The next comes in line is the SATCHEL. This is a sling style bag and its favorite among the college going students. The bag enables you to keep both your hands free and you can carry it when you are in really hurry. It teams up well with casuals and boho looks.

Jhola, Types of Bags and Their Usage

The Indian version of this bag is called JHOLA. It comes in vibrant colors and generally has some Indian embellishments on top of it. It usually has some mirror work or ghungrus to add to its beauty. You can team it up with Indian wear and look chic. Both the satchels and the jholas have a lot of room and can accommodate a lot.


clutch, Types of Bags and Their Usage

The next inline is the CLUTCH. Clutch essentially means to be clutched in hand. It is meant for carrying only the important stuff like cash, mobile and a little makeup. It’s more of a formal purse and is carried with both Indian and western wear. It’s generally carried with sarees as well.

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tote bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

The bags currently in fashion and extremely affordable are the TOTE. The Tote bags are usually made of cotton or similar material. They are very soft and are usually carried on shoulder. You can use them for grocery shopping or markets. Tote Bag is a medium to large length bag. It has an arm handle as well as a shoulder strap. It can fit in a lot of things. This is also called a shopper bag sometimes.Also they are environment friendly and reduce the usage of plastic.

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laptop tote bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

The most used ones for me is the LAPTOP TOTE. This is something I carry every day and it serves my purpose of carrying a personal bag and a laptop bag. These days it comes in chic colors as well as leather. You can always have a couple of these to add to the fun factor at work.


envelope bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

ENVELOPE BAGS are in this season. They are the same as clutch but a bit larger and in the shape of an envelope. They look great with casuals and are the best fit to be carried for a tea party with girls.


sling bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

chanel 2.55, Types of Bags and Their Usage

SLING BAGS are the best ones to carry around when you want to look stylish and yet have your hands free. How can anyone forget every girls’ dream bag : the Chanel 2.55 ? This bag comes under this category and its one of the most famous and classic bags.

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backpacks, Types of Bags and Their Usage

BACKPACKS are the rustic and everyday use bags. If you are on a trek or on an adventure outing, backpacks are best for you. These bags have thick shoulder straps and are supposed to be carried on the back. These bags come in chic styles these days and won’t look as rustic as they used to before.


beach bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

The next on the list is the BEACH BAGS. As the name suggests is mostly in vibrant colors and is made of lycra kind of fabric. Look for bags which has moisture protect color on the inside. This helps to keep the stuff intact inside the bag. You can carry these bags to the picnics as well.


wristlet bags, Types of Bags and Their Usage

WRISTLET is an advanced version of clutch. So if you going for a disc or partying hard you can carry this. It’s more like a clutch but has a wrist band attached to it which will secure it to your wrist. This makes it convenient and user friendly as well.

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