Try These 5 Shaving Rules Stay Smooth and Bump Free Skin

Try These 5 Shaving Rules Stay Smooth and Bump Free Skin – Hey girls, do you suffer with the problem of bumped skin after shaving? So here I am giving you 5 rules which can give you smooth and bump free skin. Try These 5 Shaving Rules Stay Smooth and Bump Free Skin. We all are trying hair removal cream but it is not good for sensitive skin and sometimes they make your skin dark. So shaving is the best way to remove hair. If you want smooth and bump free skin without any hair after shaving, then you must apply these 5 rules while you are shaving. Razor is also very harsh for your skin and that’s why it damages your skin therefore it leave bumps and scratches on your skin. If you follow these rules seriously then you can get smooth and bump free skin. We all want to look beautiful with smooth and shiny skin, so keep reading & follow these rules while shaving. Try These 5 Shaving Rules Stay Smooth and Bump Free Skin and get your self more beautiful skin.

Try These 5 Shaving Rules Stay Smooth and Bump Free Skin

Try These 5 Shaving Rules Stay Smooth and Bump Free Skin

Use Gels Or Oils

use gels or oils while shaving

Some girls think that using soap while shaving is best way to remove their hair. But this can harm you more that you think ever. Soap cannot create perfect film between the part of your sensitive skin and razor. Soap also cannot give perfect foam, so sometimes while shaving you will suffer with problem of scratches and bumped skin. So you must use shaving gel or new launched Korean shaving oils. These two things can provide perfect foam with perfect film. They also prevent your skin from scratches. Always use shaving gel or shaving oil because they are great for removing hard hairs and also nourish your skin.

Never Shave On Dry Skin

never shave on dry skin

It will good for you that dip your hands and legs in warm water and then try to shave. Moisturized skin is better than dry skin for shaving. Your hair will easily remove when your skin is well moisturized. So keep sure that never try to shave on dry skin. By this rule you can avoid bump on your skin and your hair will remove smoothly.

Go Down to Upward

Perfect Method of Shvaing Down to Upwards

Yes! This is the most necessary rule for bump free skin. When you are shaving, always shave down to upward. This will give smooth way to remove your hairs. If you want bump free and smooth skin, so you must follow this rule, otherwise you will face scratches and bumped skin too. So carefully follow this rule while shaving.

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Use Soft Razors

use soft razors for shaving

Never use those cheap and simple razors otherwise you will face worst results. Always try to use Gillette razors which is specially made for women’s skin. There are many razors which come in five blades instead of three blades. Five blades are softer than three blades razor. So try to use most soft razor so that it hurts you less and also give you bump free skin.

Moisturize Your Skin


This rule will give you shiny, smooth and glowing skin. After shaving, you must use lots of moisturizer on your shaved skin. It will provide softness and smoothness to your skin. So after shaving, never forget to use moisturizer on your skin. It also nourishes your skin and gives relief from itchiness of shaving.

I hope you all like these tips and will Try These 5 Shaving Rules Stay Smooth and Bump Free Skin while you are shaving. Please share your views, suggestions and queries with us.

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  1. great tips Konica. I also end up shaving when in a hurry.

  2. Superb tips….Korean shaving oil is sumthing pretty new fr me 🙂

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