Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner

Eyes are the windows to our heart. When words fail to convey the feelings, our eyes speak. So it is important to take care of our eyes. To make our eyes look extra ordinary, is no less important. Here lies the importance of eye makeup. And when it comes to eye makeup, eye liner has a huge role to play. Gone are the days of applying eyeliner is the same old pattern. These days we are more into experimenting with different ways of wearing eyeliner. Cat eye liner is very much in fashion now. It not only makes you look hot and beautiful, but also gives a touch of retro look to your appearance. However, applying cat eye liner can be messy if you aren’t aware of the tricks! So in this post, I will let you know the Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner.

Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner

Cat eyeliner is one of the oldest and popular eye liner styles. This eyeliner look has always been popular among beauties. Back in 70’s, Sharmila Tagore made this look popular among Indian beauties. Then after a few years, this cat eye liner look came with a bang with Deepika Padukone’s retro look in Om Shanti Om. Later on we have seen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor all sporting such eye makeup. These days, cat eye liner is undoubtedly the most popular eye makeup look. So lets get down to uncover a few Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner.

The Flick Trick

The first and foremost thing is to draw perfect flicks from the middle till the end of the eyes. It should be even and of same width for both the eyes. Now draw a thin line over the tear ducts. Add the flick and the thin line.

Drawing the Wing

easy tips for applying cat eye liner

Draw a line from your lower lash line in such a way that it looks like a wing. This will act as the extended part of the line that you have drawn earlier on upper lash line. Join the wing and the line. Do the same for the other eye.

Alternatively, apply a sticky note or place a spoon at the outer corner of the eyes. Now draw your angle carefully. Be careful while doing the edge in order to get a perfect angle.

The Eyeshadow Trick

This is a very important trick to get that perfect cat eye look. All you need is your favorite eye shadow and an angular brush. Damp the brush a little and take the eye shadow. Apply it in the middle of the eyelid and then just smudge it towards the outer corners. Don’t forget to fill the corners. Try taupe eye shadow as this natural shade will give a nice dimension to the eyes. First apply this shadow and follow up with any darker shade for an even look.

simple tricks for applying cat eye liner


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Apply Liner before Drawing the Wing

While drawing the wing for cat style eye makeup, make sure it goes straight out from the lash line rather going upwards. So apply your liner and mascara before drawing the wing as it will give you a better canvas to draw a perfect wing.

easy ways of applying cat eye liner

Look Straight in to the Mirror

Once you are done, look straight in to the mirror to understand how the cat style eye makeup is looking on you.

So girls, here I tried to present a little guide on how to draw perfect cat eye liner. Hope these Tricks For Applying Cat Eye Liner will help you next time when you are trying to perfect the look 🙂

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