Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review

Hello readers! Here I am back with another review – Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review. Few days back when I reviewed the Trichup hair oil it reminded me that I have the shampoo of the same brand to share its review with our lovely readers. In fact Trichup oil was earlier marketed along a free shampoo and that is how I came across this shampoo. That was my first sample bottle which was good enough to impress me to get more from them. Next time I needed a regular shampoo I got this herbal hair cleanser in full size.

Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review

Trichup Herbal Shampoo aims to deliver stronger and healthier tresses. It consist the extracts of aloe vera which fights hair fall, excessive oil production on the scalp and dandruff like issues. While henna nourishes hair to replenish the lost moisture into the scalp. Being formulated after years of research this shampoo helps to revitalize, hydrate the scalp and stimulate the follicles of hair for wellness and betterment of scalp and hair. Let’s move on to my Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review to know the product details.

pack, Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review

Price of Trichup Herbal Shampoo : Rs.120/- for 200 ml and Rs.65/- for 100 ml

Direction for use : Apply to wet hair, work out lather, rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Ingredients :
ingredients, Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Pearl White

Smell : Like Green Apple Products

cap, Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review

What Trichup Herbal Shampoo claims

claims, Trichup Herbal Shampoo Review

My experience with Trichup Herbal Shampoo

Trichup Herbal shampoo is available in two sizes and also in combination with other Trichup Products for hair. The shampoo bottle is sturdy and spill proof plus the flip open cap has not been harsh on my nails too. Being available everywhere from medicine shops to local kirana outlets to online sites getting this is not a problem at all. The price is at par with regular shampoos of other brands available in India and one does not need any extra quantity so one bottle lasts two months or a little more.

The consistency of this shampoo is in between runny and thick and it lathers well. After wetting my hair I dilute Trichup Herbal Shampoo and taking the required amount I massage it nicely on the scalp. After a few seconds of massage I leave it as that for a minute or so and rinse with normal water. It is not difficult to wash off at all. when my hair is oiled I need two washes to clear the oil. One must follow with a regular conditioner and mask and leave hair to air dry. Post use hair and scalp feels clean and free from sweat, oil and dirt like impurities.

Although it is great for all hair types from normal, dry to oily and is free from SLS/SLES yet there are some limitations too. If someone has an oily scalp then continuous use of this shampoo without using any oil or hair tonic beforehand will turn the hair dry and frizzy after a few washes. So make sure to keep nourishing your scalp in between as this shampoo does not dry out the strands in a few uses. While it does not make any major difference to already dull and dry hair, the good thing is that it does not make any worse too. Besides suitability it does control hair fall to some extent and keeps it in good condition too.

Overall Trichup Herbal Shampoo is a nice and reasonably priced shampoo free from SLS/SLES which lathers well to make scalp squeaky clean of polluting agents. A good option for maintenance of hair in the long run as it is not too harsh on the strands.

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Good about Trichup Herbal Shampoo

  • Clears scalp of sweat, grime and oil
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Free from SLS/SLES
  • Lathers well
  • Does not strip off the oils of the scalp
  • Maintains the health of the hair
  • Gives great results in combination with Trichup oil
  • Needs only two washes to wash off oils
  • Controls hair fall to some extent
  • Locally available from departmental stores to medicine shops

Bad about Trichup Herbal Shampoo

  • Does not make any major difference to dry and damaged hair
  • If hair is not oiled or nourished with any hair tonic or pack then this cleanser starts making hair frizzy dry in the long run

Availability : easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Sounds like a great after oil shampoo.

  2. I’ve never used any product from this brand. Looks like this should be my first one!!?

  3. I’ve never used any product from this brand! Looks like this shouod be the first one!!?

  4. Same here! I never heard about this brand, but now it sounds good!

  5. it contains SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) obvious in the ingredients. it is NOT SLS free!!!

  6. Hii ur review is really so good for me

  7. Hello I heard about the product trichup I would like to know if you have already tested because it seems that it is really top and it promotes the growth of hair

    And second questions do you know if I can find it in France?

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