Tresemme Split Recovery Masque Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review Tresemme Split Recovery Masque. Since Tresemme hair products got launched in our country, I have tried several variants of their shampoo and conditioners. Some worked wonders while some were just average for my hair but I always wished to try their hair treatment masque. After a long wait I got my hands on their Masque while I was on a vacation and I grabbed it quickly because it was in my budget too.

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque Review

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque is formulated to intensely hydrate hair with its deep moisturizing ingredients in just five minutes. Besides restoring hair from dryness, split ends and damage, this hair treatment adds nourishment and smoothens out the strands just like it feels right after a fresh hair cut. Tresemme products are committed in creating salon quality products which impart salon like beautiful hair every day. Take a look below at my Tresemme Split Recovery Masque Review.

Price of Tresemme Split Recovery Masque : Rs.324/- (approx)

Direction for use and Ingredients :

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque directions for use and ingredients

Shelf life : Not mentioned

Color : White

Smell: Something fresh with a fusion of Green Apple

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque opening

What Tresemme Split Recovery Masque claims

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque claims

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque swatch

My experience with Tresemme Split Recovery Masque

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque comes in a medium sized tub with a green lid. There is a second lid under the main one, removing this one can get access to the masque. Like any other tub this looks unhygienic so make sure to scoop out the required amount separately and never dare to touch it with wet hands. The fragrance is very pleasing to my senses, the whole washroom feels fresh and awakened while I am using this.

Tresemme Split Recovery Masque?has a very light consistency something lighter than creamy conditioners. Due to this it is easy to distribute uniformly on the strands. As instructed on the pack, I take out a generous amount and apply it on wet hair after shampooing them and wait for next five minutes. Leaving it longer does not make any difference in the final results. Post application washing off is not difficult but it does make the washroom floor a little slippery so make sure to clean that too. Once the hair is dry it feels soft and the results are more visible than a regular conditioner.

Even if I apply more than the required quantity hair does not look flat and lean which is very important for all types of hair. After several uses I can say that the results are good because it prevents hair from splitting up further by nourishing the ends well. Once used effects remain for 2-3 days but it is just hydrating for the ends, this masque does not smoothen out the strands or make hair easy to detangle. However if someone already has a lot of split ends, I doubt it will repair them so is better to follow this after washing off oil from hair to get silky smooth tresses as final outcome. It just makes the ends feel less rough than before. This is a good masque for normal to oily hair which needs good hydration at the ends and thats all while it is too mild for dry damaged hair.

Overall Tresemme Split Recovery Masque is a decent masque which provides better hydration than a conditioner to normal to oily hair without making hair flat. The ends feel less rough yet other benefits like easy detangling or smoothening does not come along this one.

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Good about Tresemme Split Recovery Masque

  • Light consistency
  • Easy to use
  • Works in 5 minutes
  • Provides good hydration to the ends
  • Nourishment better than conditioner
  • Makes ends softer than before
  • Good for normal to oily hair
  • Pocket friendly price

Bad about?Tresemme Split Recovery Masque

  • Does not smoothen the strands like other conditioners
  • Does not make hair tangle free
  • As a split recovery it solely makes the ends feel less rough

Availability: Boots store (abroad), Amazon

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3.5/5

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  1. this seems ok type of masque 🙂 these days i am looking for a good hair masque but still finding 🙂

  2. I have used many other fab masques….would give it a skip

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