Trendy Blouse Design Ideas

Hello friends today I have brought for you some trendy blouse design ideas. As we all know that a saree is one ensemble that can make us look sophisticated, chic, sexy and yet traditional. The same is the case with a saree blouse. A nice blouse can make or break the look for you. If the saree is heavy then go for a simple blouse if the blouse is heavy go for a simple saree.
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Trendy Blouse Design Ideas 1

Following are some blouse designs. Let’s have a look at them:

T-shirt blouse

T-shirt blouses have rocked the fashion runways and they have been donned by our own fashionista sonam kapoor. They have a neckline resembling a t-shirt. They look good with statement neck pieces.

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, T shirt blouse, sonam kapoor in T shirt blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, T shirt blouse idea, T-shirt blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas 4, T shirt blouse

Jacket blouse

As the name suggest a jacket blouse is the one which is worn with a jacket. Sonam kapoor and aishwarya rai wore such blouses on Cannes red carpet. There is a jacket teamed up with the blouse. It gives a very stylish and formal look to the saree. They can look effortlessly stylish and chic if paired correctly. Have a look at how prachi desai teamed up her blouse with a geek look.

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, Aishwarya Rai in Jacket blouse, Jacket blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, Jacket blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, Vidya Balan in Jacket blouse, Jacket blouse

Collar neck blouse

Blouses of this type looks good on the ladies who are slim and have long necks those with shorter necks should avoid such neck pattern as it may give an illusion of shorter height. Tall leading ladies of bollywood like sonam, deepika and nargis fakhri have rocked them at various occasions. While wearing such blouse you should steer clear from wearing a neckpiece rather wear some ear cuffs for an edgy look or nice earrings.

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, collar neck blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, collar neck blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, sonam kapoor in collor blouse

Sheer back blouse

This wedding season I have seen many girls wearing variations of such designs. In this type of blouse there is no lining on the back side of the blouse. There is some skin peeking through the blouse. It will be a good option if your blouse is in cut work material or you can opt for half lining at back if you don’t want to show much skin. There can be embroidered patterns too on the back.

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, sonam kapoor in Sheer back blouse, Sheer back blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, Sheer back blouse, dipika padukone in Sheer back blouse

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas, Sheer back blouse

Full Sleeve / Quarter sleeved blouse

A sav­ior for women with heavy arms, this blouse looks good even on women with slender arms. It gives a sophisticated look to any saree.

Trendy Blouse Design Ideas 14, Full Sleeve / Quarter sleeved blouseTrendy Blouse Design Ideas 17Trendy Blouse Design Ideas 18, vidya balan in Full Sleeve blouse, full sleeve blouseTrendy Blouse Design Ideas 19Trendy Blouse Design Ideas 20, Full Sleeve / Quarter sleeved blouse

Hope you have liked this post. Till then take care.

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