Traditional Bridal Makeup

Hello friends today my post is about Traditional Bridal makeup. Bridal Makeup  should be done to hide imperfections, and highlight the bride’s best features along with a little contouring to make face appear more chiseled. The base should appear neat and radiant. The makeup also has to be balanced well with the attire and jewellery.

Traditional Bridal MakeupTraditional Bridal Makeup


  • First of all, to begin with any makeup, it is a very good idea to rub some ice cubes over your facial skin. This helps to reduce the appearance of pores and reduces the risk of makeup particles clogging your pores. It also allows an even application of makeup.
  • Use a ear bud to exfoliate your lips and remove any dry scales.
  • It is a must to apply a light, water based moisturizer on cleaned and toned skin. Moisturized skin would add a dewy, natural glow to your face and also allow the makeup to be applied uniformly without any patchiness.
  • Start your base with a primer. Primer forms a barrier between your skin and makeup. It also improves the color pay off and lasting power of your makeup, many folds.
  • A foundation needs to be applied in dots all over the face. Use fingers or a moist makeup sponge or a foundation brush yo merge the foundation into your skin. Use patting motion/ tapping to cover your skin imperfections. Start from the center and then move towards the outlines of your face.
  • Next comes the concealer. Use it over the areas that have pigmentation or any blemishes. It is best to apply stick concealers to have a controlled application.
  • Set with a translucent powder to avoid greasiness and better staying power.

Traditional Bridal eye Makeup

You should always go for a trial base makeup before your wedding to make sure that your complexion looks enhanced and radiant instead of looking artificial and cakey. Try a couple of shades of foundation at your chosen parlor to finalize one. You might also need to mix a few shades to get the perfect shade for your skin color… This should be settled beforehand so that you do not panic at the D day.

Traditional Bridal base Makeup

  • Next come the eyebrows, use a natural brown eye pencil to fill in your eyebrows and make them appear more defined.
  • In eye shadows, shades in metallic tones look the best. Use warmer metallic shades like bronze, copper and golden to fill in the upper lid. Lighter shades in silver/ white base can be used as a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and below the brow bone. This makes your eyes pop. Avoid shimmers. You may make a cocktail by applying a lighter shade of metallic shadow on the inner aspect and center of lids and a deeper shade on the outer edge. Some very safe combinations are Golden with black and Golden with Bronze
  • To line the eyes, stick to basic Black instead of experimenting too much. A gel eye liner is much long lasting than regular liquid ones. Winged liner to line the upper lid and a thin black line for lower lid. To get a very neat wing, you may use a cello tape along the outer edge of eye and remove it after you are done with your eye makeup.
  • You may use false lashes or enhance your own lashes with a black mascara to make them appear more voluminous. Mascara should be freshly bought as older ones tend to get flaky. After your mascara is completely dry, curl up your lashes.
  • Next come the lips, outline your lips and fill in with the same lip liner. Apply first coat of lip color and blot excess. Follow with a second coat and blot excess. Clean any imperfections by using a q tip and concealer.
  • Blush best suited for your complexion needs to be applied on the apple of your cheeks. Use a warmer skin toned shade below the dip of the cheek bone. Just above the arch of the cheek bone, apply a light illuminator. For all of these layers, use an angular brush. Later on, you ma y a fluffy brush to merge any harsh lines. Blush shades can be chosen as per skin tones. As a guideline, fresh Pinks look lovely on fairer skin complexion, mid tones should opt for peach based shades and duskier beauties should opt for Plums.
  • Lips should never be too bright as it makes you appear very mature. Go for shades that match your attire but do not go for colors that scream for attention. Example: In place of Blood red, go for a more neutral color like Brick Red/ rusty Red or a Cocktail of coral orange and Red.

Hope, you found the article useful.

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