Top Cosmetic Brands in India

Top Cosmetic Brands in India – “Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; It’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.” – Michelle Phan. And we can’t agree more! Makeup is power. For many women, makeup provides a sense of freedom as well as expression. Once Tyra Banks said, “I love the confidence that makeup gives me,” and we all feel the same. But, to try out new makeup and maintain good skin is a dilemma most women face. If you are a makeup enthusiast yourself, you must know the importance of quality makeup products. For that, we have compiled below top brands that offer the best cosmetic products in India.

Top Cosmetic Brands in India

Top Cosmetic Brands in India

Always remember to invest in the best make up brands for long-lasting and safe skin makeup.

Here are the top 5 trending cosmetic brands in India :

1. SERY Cosmetics

The modern make up brand- SERY, stands for the 21st-century women. What’s unique about this brand is that it offers the best cosmetic products in India that fulfill a modern woman’s makeup needs, who’s always on the go!

SERY is among the top trending make up brands in India that offer a range of convenient stick makeup products for unbeatable glam and flawless skin. Explore the brand’s innovative cosmetics that allow ease of makeup, crafted for on-the-go use. It is the preferred brand for millennials. SERY Cosmetics offers products with promising quality and a variety of range. You can choose from a wide collection of lippies, foundations, highlighters, blushers, eye shadows, mascaras, and more.

2. M.A.C

M.A.C (Makeup Art Cosmetics) entered the makeup industry in 1984, Toronto, and has been a huge hit in India. It has one of the largest global markets in make up and cosmetics industry. Also, a socially conscious brand, M.A.C indulges in initiatives such as Cruelty-Free Beauty and supports the recycling of products.

The range of makeup offered by M.A.C is widely used by makeup artists all around. Their collection includes quality products for eye care, skincare, and face care.

3. Lakme

Lakme, a Hindustan Unilever Limited brand, is one of India’s top cosmetic brands and accounts for a large share of products in the beauty industry. Launched in 1952, Lakme has evolved into a major make up brand in a couple of decades and actively co-organizes fashion weeks. Some of the popular Lakme products are lipsticks, sunscreens, nail paints, and face washes.

Being a trusted make up brand, Lakme promises the best cosmetic products in India, suitable for Indian skin tones.

4. Maybelline

A New York-based company founded in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams, Maybelline began to take its place in the cosmetics industry and soon gained a lot of fame until 2001. In 1998, with some striking products, Maybelline came to India. Two of the immensely popular Maybelline products include ‘Colossal Kajal’ and ‘Baby lips,’ lip balm.

One of the top cosmetic brands in India, Maybelline offers an extensive collection of high-grade products ranging from foundations to lip shades.

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5. L’oreal

A French-based make up brand, L’oreal offers one of the best cosmetic products in India, preferred and trusted by all. You can find an innovative range of skincare, hair styling, expert make up collection and anti-aging products from L’oreal. The brand stands for reliability and innovation, therefore a massive hit among the ladies.

This was our round-up for the Top 5 cosmetic brands and we hope this will help you choose the best cosmetic products in India. When it comes to your skin, quality should be the sole priority. So, while shopping for makeup, keep these top brands in mind for reliability as well as variety. We hope this list comes in handy whenever you wish to extend your makeup kit.

Remember that inner beauty outshines everything, but a red lipstick never hurt anybody!

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