Top Color Trends for Summer

Hello everyone 🙂 Top Color Trends for Summer. Colors play a vital role in enhancing a particular look. From warm shades to cool tones, all you need to know is which colors compliment your skin tone the best. As season changes, the ruling colors on the fashion front too go for a hide and seek. Colors that were hot in winter might be a total turn off at summers or vice-versa! However there are certain versatile colors that rule the world of fashion no matter what.
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  1. First comes first. Black and white combos are classic and timeless. They are here to stay! And the best part is they go bingo with all skin tones.  
  2. Orange is one current color that has set the fashion meter high. It’s the new black. Bang on!
  3. You can experiment a lot with pastels for instance. Mixing and matching can surprise you with the outcomes given you play it edgy and subtle!
  4. Powdery pink, icy blue, mint green and ivory are so chic to wear this very season.
  5. As per skin tones, certain colors have certain impression.

Among the warm tones Golden, Canary, Watermelon, Fuchsia, Cherry, Tangerine, Crimson and Garnet are to the colors to drool for.

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  1. While in cool tones Aquafresh, Lime, Olive, Emerald, Cerulean etc. are ‘in’. Not only will they keep the heat at bay, but will be pleasant on eyes too.
  2. And when it comes to dressing up in summers, it is impossible to avoid the neutrals. Colors like Khaki, Honey, Cocoa, Rust, Dove Grey are perfect! You can pair them up with solid colors for a striking combo.
  3. Pastels are the pool of colors to fill your wardrobes with this season. With a number of options in soft hues, it gets interesting how you can dress up an outfit! Butter crème, Sorbet, Peachy Nude, Carnation Pink, Peach, Sea Foam, Lavender, Pale Blue and Green Calcite are must-haves for your spring-summer collections. 

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Pairing the bottom and lowers in stark contrast is essential for a lively color play. The color blocking should be neither too harsh nor too dull. It should be elegant, classy and understated all at the same time! You can do so by popping colors through accessories as well. So, play it up girls!!! 🙂

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