Top 7 Perfumes to Buy for Girls

Hi girls, Today I am going to tell you about the best perfumes to buy for girls that is Top 7 Perfumes to Buy for Girls. As girls, we always want to describe our personality by what we are wearing and perfumes are the essential part of it. Perfumes are the important part of our wardrobe and it necessary to exist in every woman wardrobe. Women wants to wear that perfume which suits their personality and compliment their mood, so there are lots of perfumes for women which they can choose as their personality.Generally, our personality is measured through what we wear and how we wear right from your clothes to accessories like perfumes, watch, bracelets, earrings, finger rings, nose rings, and chains and so on. Females wish wearing a nice perfume that is cool and unique from the rest.
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Top 7 Perfumes to Buy for Girls

Why buy perfumes for girls ?

  • perfectly suits her personality
  • stays for a long time
  • one that reflects her mood

So here is the list for 7 best perfumes for girls. So girls have a look…….

1)  Obsession from CK

This perfume is from the one of the best brand “Calvin Klein”. This perfume is very much famous in girls for its simple and strong fragrance; somehow it can say a sweet smell best for parties, and dinner b’coz it has made with various scents. A lasting blend of floral and spices which enriched with passion. But the girls who don’t want to get any strong fragrance, this perfume is not for them.

Obsession from CK, Calvin Klein perfume


2)  Chanel No 5

Best perfumes I have ever used. I just love this perfume. It can be say it’s a all time favorite perfume of girls .we can wear it confidently even you are going on a long day. It best for summer, no swatting and long lasting, can say best for hot day. It smells so classy, elegant and kind of seductive. Most of the stars wear it and want to tell you it was the favorite perfume of Marilyn Monroe.

Chanel No 5


3) Tommy girl from Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger does not need any description because it’s a best brand in perfumes. Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger has floral fruity fragrance. It has made out of lots of flowers like jasmine, sandalwood, leather etc. it designed especially for girls. it enriched with sweet, fresh smell. Good when you are going to start your new day.

Tommy girl from Tommy Hilfiger


4) Cheerful pink perfume from Tommy Hilfiger

It’s a new launch of Tommy Hilfiger. This perfume is also enriched with floral and spicy notes. Cheerfully Pink is influenced by the sensation of joyful lightness and celebrates the times that we feel full of life. A happy and cheerful smile, never-ending freedom and the courage to love – each of these sensations is promoted by the notes of the new Hilfiger Cheerfully Pink fragrance. The perfume Cheerfully Pink is made of feminine aromatic elements that are timeless yet unusual. Its packing is very graceful and cheerful. It designed with aroma to feel fresh and energetic.

 Cheerful pink perfume from Tommy Hilfiger

5)  Pure Poison Dior

As we all know Dior has wide range in perfumes. Pure Poison has designed for women to get attracted with its pleasant smell. It’s also called “Night Perfume”. Its fragrance can easily get attracted people to whom who s wearing it. This perfume is best for evening parties. Don’t forget to carry it.

Pure Poison Dior

6)  Euphoria from Ck

Euphoria by Calvin Klein was introduced in 2005 as a fun, enticing scent for women. The beautiful fragrance starts off with pomegranate, persimmon, and a lovely lush green accord.CK is very well known brand for perfumes and its adding new scent by new chemicals. . Its new addition of wood, lotus, black orchid and amber scents is making more and more people to fall for this brand

Euphoria from Ck

7)  Acqua Di Gio

This perfume is from the well known brand ‘Armani’. A very cool fragrance that awakes the senses with freshness.  It’s making out of lovely flowers. Girls who want cool fragrance then go to buy it.

Acqua Di Gio

So girls here are perfumes of your choice. Get the one which suits you.

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Nishubansal is born in Haryana and married to a Rajasthani guy.Currently she stays in Gurgaon with her husband and a sweet daughter Sani. She is MBA Finance and earlier she was working. She loves to explore the new things specially related to fashion. She is very passionate about beauty products and wants to carry on the new innovations. Nishu believes in simplicity and totally mad for shopping. Buying new beauty product and searching out new areas of fashion is stress bursting for her. She is tall, simple and flawless skin complexion. Normally she believes that we should carry our own style statement and wear always that in which we easily carry ourselves

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