Top 6 Brands and Products to Buy at Sephora India

Top 6 Brands and Products to Buy at Sephora India – Hi girls! I am back with an interesting article – Top 6 Brands and Products to Buy at Sephora India. Now that Sephora is spreading its wings in India and we Indians love using Sephora products. Sephora products have just entered the Indian market and everyone is going gaga over the products. There are only two stores of Sephora in India, one in Delhi and one in Mumbai. Not only Sephora houses an array of brands from across the world, it also has a brilliant selection of products from its in-house brand. So let’s see Top 6 Brands and Products to Buy at Sephora India.

Top 6 Brands and Products to Buy at Sephora India

Top 6 Brands and Products to Buy at Sephora India

1. Makeup Forever

sephora makeup forever

Makeup Forever is an excellent product from Sephora and the best part of this product is the HD makeup brushes and of course the HD foundation. Makeup forever from Sephora is expensive but then I would say you spending on this product is worth the money and hence, you can go forward with this.

2. Stila

Sephora stilla products

Stila products are the best selling products. Some of their products include Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner, Convertible Cheek and Lip Cream, Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks and Eyes Are The Window eye shadow palette. The packaging is so beautiful, sturdy and elegant. The liquid lipsticks from Stila are one of my favorites and it has been favorite of most of the beauty bloggers as well. Stila is been loved so much among the Sephora brands.

3. Benefit

sephora benifit

The Benefit is quickly gaining its popularity in the Indian market and I must say this is the next most preferable products in India. The Benefit comes out with unique products which are high in demand like Real mascara, their HOOLA bronzers and blushes. Benefit is gaining its importance in the market because of the products. Apart from this, “Cheekathon” blush and bronzer palette are gaining popularity as it was promoted by Kathleen Lights, Patrick Starr and Manny Mua.

4. Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is a brand that takes care of organic and natural things. The tinted balms, body lotions, creamy moisturisers are the best product from Burt’s Bees. If you are allergic to any products or always suffer from skin problems, you should switch to Burt’s Bees. All products from Burt’s Bees are extremely skin friendly and you don’t risk any infections or side effects.

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5. Sephora’s Own Line

Sephora’s Own Line

Sephora’s Own Line has got everything for you right from makeup blush to mascara, eyeliners and lipsticks. And the best thing about Sephora’s Own Line is not only the makeup but they have got their best and special makeup brushes that can help you to achieve flawless makeup.

6. Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory is a quirky name and along with the name the products are good as well. Soap & Glory products have a very attractive packaging that will convince you to buy the products. Soap & Glory comes with a large variety of powders and body care products. They are really very good and skin friendly. There are a variety of body butter, soaps and body washes along with best bronzers.

These were Top 6 Brands and Products to Buy at Sephora India. Trust me, girls, they are the best.

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