Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

Bollywood has always inspired us in different aspects of our life, be it fashion, hairstyle or our values. But it is the beauty aspect of our life where Bollywood has influenced the most. Introducing a new style or reviving any old one – Bollywood celebs has always influenced us. While talking about beauty & fashion, one of the first things that hit our mind is hairstyle as it plays the most important role in defining our looks. Let’s check out this post on top 6 Bollywood hairstyles.

Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

Bollywood has long been a source of our beauty inspiration, especially we love trying out the hairstyles carried by our Bollywood beauties on different films. Some of the most beautiful actresses have shown some gorgeous hairstyle both on film and red carpet. And people always try to adopt these hairstyles as part of their daily outlook. With time, trend changes. But certain Bollywood hairstyles have never gone out of fashion. So scroll down below to know more about Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles.

Bouffant hairstyle as top 6 Bollywood hairstyles

bouffant,Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

This is Bollywood’s most popular hairstyle. It started gaining popularity during the 60s & still going very strong. Starting from Waheeda Rehman , Sharmila Tagore to Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone everyone has carried this retro hairstyle with elegance.

Short layers with side bangs as top 6 Bollywood hairstyles

short layers with side bangs, Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

We have seen Priyanka Chopra sporting this hairstyle in her movie ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ & she looked 0h-so-sexy! Priyanka loves to experiment with her hairstyles and in that movie she carried this sexy short hairstyle fabulously. Her hair was cut in feather with bangs in front. It was an instant hit among youngsters.

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Messy waves as top 6 Bollywood hairstyles

messy waves, Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

Deepika Padulone was seen sporting this hairstyle in her movie ‘Cocktail’. Deepika played the character of Veronica and with this gorgeous ’Messy Waves’ hairstyle she raised the glam quotient and left us amazed. This is basically a messy, carefree hairstyle with multi layers and soft curls which looks very chic and no wonder it was an instant hit.

The faux bob as top 6 Bollywood hairstyles

faux bob, Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

Sonam Kapoor made this hairstyle famous when she sported it during Cannes film festival last year. Sonam kapoor is known as the Bollywood Fashionista and this hairstyle looked extremely chic as well as stylish on her.

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Long hair left open as top 6 Bollywood hairstyles

long hair left open, Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

This is probably the most favorite hairstyle of our Bollywood beauties. They can be seen leaving their gorgeous hair open in most of the functions and other events. For example : these days Madhuri Dixit is seen carrying highlighted wavy hairstyle. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan loves to leave her wavy hair open and those curled edges look very elegant. Anushka Sharma always looks prettiest when she leaves her long wavy hair casually open.

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Fishtail Braid as top 6 Bollywood hairstyles

fishtail braid, Top 6 Bollywood Hairstyles

Braids are quite in trend these days. But normal braid can be boring, so fishtail braid is gaining popularity these days. Our Bollywood beauties often can be spotted this casual yet very chic hairstyle. Fishtail braid can be divided in two categories – the ruffled one & the sleek one. Ruffled look is a little messy as hair splatters out of the braid, whereas in sleek look, hair is tied neatly in one fishtail braid.

Hope you liked my post today 🙂 Don’t forget to share your favorite Bollywood Hairstyle with us 🙂

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