Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin

Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin – Flawless, glowing skin is an asset in itself. It not just enhances our physical appearance but acts as a confidence booster. But sometimes achieving beautiful skin seems to be impossible, despite trying out various beauty treatments or natural remedies. As they say, a healthy body is key to healthy skin. If you are not healthy from inside, nothing will work on your skin. And the best way to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul is by practicing yoga. And do you know, there are specific yoga asanas that can do wonders on your skin? These asanas help increasing blood circulation, which in turn rejuvenate our skin cells and give us the skin we dream of. Find out the Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin.
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We know yoga has multiple health benefits. It helps us stay fit, active and at the same time, it is beneficial for leading a stress-free life. Stress, as we know, not just causes various physical and mental illnesses, but it also impacts our skin negatively. Some of the prevalent skin problems, such as acne, premature wrinkles, dull skin etc., can be caused by stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Yoga is a beautiful cure of all, be it stress or skin problems caused by stress. And trust me, practicing yoga daily can give you skin that no moisturizer/cream/serum can give. Here are five top yoga asanas for glowing skin.

1. Padmasana

Padmasana or the ‘Lotus Pose’ is one of the most beneficial yoga asanas for glowing skin. It has a wonderful calming effect on our entire body and mind. It can calm our brain, which further helps to bring down our stress level, and we have already discussed that stress can affect our skin really badly. This yoga pose is highly effective in increasing blood circulation all over the body, which in turn flush out the toxins and rejuvenates the skin cells with proper nutrients. The result? Healthy, glowing skin naturally.

2. Bhujangasana or The Cobra Pose

On our list of five best yoga poses for glowing skin, comes the Cobra pose or bhujangasana. This particular yoga pose is excellent for strengthening our spine and back muscles, and at the same time, it works wonders on our skin. This asana allows our chest to open up and release the tension and fatigue. It also helps with more oxygen intake, which helps to nourish and rejuvenate the skin cells, and as a result, our skin becomes healthy and glowing over time. 

3. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana or the Bow pose is highly recommended for glowing skin. It acts as a great stress buster, thus boosting your skin health as well as your overall physical health. It puts intense pressure on the abdominal area, which helps to detoxify the body and resulting in great skin. Furthermore, it helps to lose extra weight, thus making you fit and enhancing your overall appearance.

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4. Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand pose is another great yoga pose for healthy and glowing skin. It is a bit difficult to perform but can give you extra-ordinary result if done rightly. This asana helps to improve blood circulation in our entire body, which further leads to superior nourishment of our skin cells and rejuvenate them. This results in glowing skin over time. You will get rid of stubborn skin problems with regular practice, like acne, untimely wrinkles, dull skin, etc.

5. Ustrasana

One of the best yoga for glowing skin, ustrasana or The Camel Pose, helps massively in enhancing blood flow throughout the body. Increased blood circulation further helps in releasing toxins from the body while feeding the cells with the proper nutrients. With regular practice, it brings a glow on our skin and helps to get a flat stomach.

These were top five yoga asanas for glowing skin. Yoga is for everyone, and the best part is you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to practice yoga regularly. It is the most holistic approach towards a great body, great mind and flawless skin. Like every other natural remedy, you might not get the result in a couple of days or so, but once you start doing, you will be able to see the change, not only on your skin but in your entire body.

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