Top 5 Tips for College Girl

Being in college can be very challenging in certain aspects & super-duper fun in other aspects. Every girl needs some grooming when she enters college so that she looks pretty & presentable all the time without her attire or Makeup looking over the top!! We do not want our lovely readers to be confused all the time about which lip shade to wear pf what hair style to sport!! The beauty & Makeup tips given below are sure to save your precious time early mornings and help you reach your class at time!

Top 5 Tips for College Girl

  1. Take care of your skin without over stimulating it!!

College going girls very often tend to be over cautious about their appearance. It is a must to cleanse, tone & moisturize twice a day. Also, it is very important that you exfoliate twice in a week using a mild scrub. However, more than this you actually need not bother your skin. Girls at this age do not need anti ageing treatments & Extensive facial schedules. If you have specific skin issues, like acne, it is best to consult your dermatologist for help. The best form of anti ageing treatment you can follow is, applying a sunscreen before going out so that your skin is protected from UV A & UV B Rays.

  1. Be presentable all the time

This includes a number of things like keeping your nails well manicured and in shape. Opt for neutral nail paint shades like: Skin, Beige, Baby pink etc & Skip loud nail colours like Oranges, Reds and Magentas. After all, college is a place to gain education & you do not want to gain negative attention from lecturers.

Keep your hair well kept and tied up in neat ponytails. You can surely use nice, dressed up bobby pins and hair clips to add a touch of cuteness. If you have short hair like bob cut or blunt cut, you can go for neat looking bangs. Opt not to grt messy hairdos for college.

You must get your waxing done in time as stray hair on arms & feet are really repulsive. Tamed eyebrows & Upper lips are another must.

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  1. How to do makeup for college

The answer is easy. Keep it simple so that it makes you look well maintained without appearing hungry for attention. Loud shades of lip sticks & Smokey eye makeup us definitely not meant for college.

Here is a quick & Easy makeup routine that college going girls can follow:

  • After washing your face, tone & Moisturize it.
  • Apply a BB that goes well with your skin tone. You can also make a perfect shade by mixing two BB creams/CC creams. Those with oily skin can apply this directly, without moisturiser. In most cases, there is inbuilt SPF in these creams
  • You can dab a little compact very lightly over your T Zone in order to set your BB cream & make the even base stay on for longer.
  • For your eyes, use a Black kajal &/or eyeliner in Black, Brown or Teal shade. Do not go for Neon Green & Turquoise Blue as they seem very inappropriate for college wear. Also, use the basic style for lining your eyes & do not sport winged or car eye styles..they are too dramatic!!
  • For your lips, use lightly tinted lip balms like baby lips from Maybelline or Lakme lip love. Soft shades of gloss in natural pink, light Corals & Light coffee Browns may also be used depending upon your personal preference.
  • A very light blush in Pink could be used too but it is totally optional.

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  1. Accessorize

Avoid wearing short dresses instead, dress up a pair of jeans-top or trouser-shirts with suitable footwear, tote bags, watch, scarves,earrings & a smart belt..whatever seems appropriate. Do not wear all of them together!! Do check out some pictures on Internet for some style inspiration.

  1. Be polite to all & Do not accept wrong behaviour. Wear your smile & Confidence, always!

I hope you liked this post 🙂 Let me know your thoughts about this topic 🙂

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