Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs

We all love mehndi designs, and we all look for the different styles so that our mehndi could be the best one. What I feel that mehndi are not something which meant to be perfect, these are a pieces of art, and art can never come under the perfection phenomenon. It is something that touches our heart, perfection impresses our brain. So girls try to feel and enjoy next time while applying mehndi on hands. Today we are going to see some different but beautiful mehndi designs. So let us take a look at Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs.

Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani mehndi design no #1

Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs, palm mehndi

Pakistani mehndi designs are more concentrated on the palm and the backside of arms, if you notice the detailing of this design you will come to know the beautifully articulated swirls and curls they are my favorite , they are easiest to draw. They fill the whole palm and looks vibrantly different.

Pakistani mehndi design no #2

Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs, simple mehndi

This design is quite simple, you can see the round swirls and the snake like designs which fills the whole palm so critically. These designs are still in fashion and you can see them in many films too.

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Pakistani mehndi design no #3

Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs, bridal mehndi

Something meant for the bridal purpose, although it is a Pakistani design, but art has no boundaries or limitation, it might not possible to have a destination wedding in Pakistan , but you can always go for this Pakistani mehndi design.

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Pakistani mehndi design no #4

Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs, peacock mehndi

Very innovative and the peacock like design is the eye catching one, pair it with heavy bangles and they will look gorgeous, trust me.

Pakistani mehndi design no #5

Top 5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs, elaborate mehndi

What should I say about this design , I am speechless I don’t know how to present my words on the beauty of this design, this one is artistically elaborated design.

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What you guys think about these designs? Are they not similar to the Indian mehndi designs? I think they have some different style of detailing but it looks same like we don’t have any thing Pakistani or Hindustani. Be a human being first no? so try all these this festive season.

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  1. Wow such beautiful designs. I so feel like wearing them right away. Fantastic designs

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