Top 4 Night Creams available in India

Top 4 Night Creams available in India is post for today from me. I will be talking to you about why should we pamper and protect our skin at night. Many of us often ignore the importance of following a proper night time skin care routine. This is very wrong habit as night is a time when our skin has been exposed to all sorts of insults throughout the day. Be it, dust, pollution and the unforgiving UV rays of the sun or the activity of sebaceous glands of our skin leading to that shiny appearance and clogging of pores leading to all sorts of zits popping here and there. At night, you must relieve your skin for all this by following a good skin care practice.
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Top 4 Night Creams available in India

Cleansing skin to remove all the deep seated impurities, oil and dirt is very important and so is refueling your skin with some good moisturising cream. At night you should surely apply a night cream as this is the time when all the reparative processes of your skin take place. While you sleep, your skin cell renewal takes place; the damaged collagen fibres are repaired. All these processes need your skin to be hydrated inside out. Night creams are formulated with certain ingredients like retinols, anti oxidants, vitamins and collagen boosters that are responsible for the anti ageing properties of the night creams.

Apart from the basic cleansing toning and moisturizing, you should also include the following in your night tine skin care;

  1. Exfoliation or scrubbing: twice a week.
  2. Facial massage: once a week
  3. Hydrating face mask: twice a week

Top 4 Night Creams available in India

Top 4 night creams available in India

1. Kaya Skin Clinic Nourishing Night Cream – Fairness

Net volume and price: Rs.990/- for 50 ml

What Kaya Skin Clinic Nourishing Night Cream claims?

  • This Nourishing night cream from Kaya skin clinic has been formulated using:
  • Azelaic Acid: That gives you a visibly lighter and brighter skin complexion.
  • Imperata cylindrica extracts: That help to replenish and maintain the skin’s balance
  • Vit-C  or Ascorbic Acid: That is a powerful anti oxidant and works to combat the skin damage caused by free radicals released during various metablolic processes of skin.-Free radicals cause damage at cellular level.
  • This night cream from Kaya promises to give you fresh and luminous skin.
  • As per the claims, Regular use gives you best results in just 7 days

2. Revlon Age Defying Re-shaping Night Cream

Net volume and price : Rs.710/-  for 50 grams

What Revlon Age Defying Re-shaping Night Cream claims?

  • This skin treatment has been formulated  as per US patented Botafirm Sculpt-Logic technology.
  • This high performance night moisturizer from Revlon promises a luxurious overnight treatment to your skin by repairing the visible signs of aging and making your skin revitalized.

3. Vichy Liftactiv Night Global Anti Wrinkle & Firming Care

Net volume and price: Rs.2190/- for 50 ml

What Vichy Liftactiv Night Global Anti Wrinkle & Firming Care Claims

Vichy Liftactive Global Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Care night cream claims to boost your skin regeneration and  renewal functions, by the night. It also claims to reduce the obvious effect of ageing on your skin by repairing the elastic and collagen fiber degradation. It promises to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles to give you a plump and firm skin. This is non-greasy comfort cream.

4. Olay Natural White Night Cream

Net volume and price: Rs.325/- for 50 grams

What Olay Natural White Night Cream Claims ?

The Olay White Natural White Night Cream comes with a triple nutrient system. This formulation claims to have Vita Niacin – Vitamins B3, pro-B5 & E, glycerine that work to  repair, renew and restore your  lost, youthful glow. It promises to reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes on your skin and give you a flawless, radiant glow. With this night cream, Wake up to beautiful, nourished and fair skin each morning

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