Top 11 Tips for Pimple Treatment

Hi Friends 🙂 Pimples are always a nightmare for many of us. They appear because of many reasons. They not only pop up for oily skin ,dry skin or combinational skin also get affected sometimes. They may be due to hormonal imbalances , excess consumption of oily foods , pollution , genetic problems , not removing makeup before sleeping and many more. But never ever squeeze/pinch your pimples.. it will further mess up and spread bacteria but do no good for you.

Top 11 Tips for Pimple Treatment

There are many home remedies effective in treating pimples. Let’s go through them

  1. Orange peel : Store some orange peels from the oranges you eat. Dry them in natural sunlight , when they are completely dry, crush them and store. Mix two tea spoons of orange peel powder with enough water or a teaspoon of curd. Apply this paste on your cleansed face. Let it dry, rinse thoroughly .
  2. Neem : Take some fresh neem leaves and put in boiling water. Let the whole essence penetrate. Steam your face with this water.  Steam helps to open up the facial pores , and neem helps to get rid of that pimple causing bacteria. This is a effective remedy for treating pimples.
  3. Papaya : papaya has the properties to reduce pimples. Using grounded paste of raw papaya regularly will reduce pimples.
  4. Lemon :  Squeeze a spoonful of lemon juice , dilute it with some water. Because applying lime juice directly may be harmful for the skin , especially for sensitive and dry skin. Apply the juice on clean face , wash it after 15 min. Lemon due to its acidic nature has the ability to kill the bacteria caused due to dirt and oil.
  5. Ice cubes : Whenever you want to get rid of a pimple overnight , just rub a piece of ice on the pimple for sometime . At least the redness caused by it is reduced. If you can’t hold it for a long time , wrap a cloth to hold it.
  6. Garlic : Garlic has anti-bacterial properties which helps in treating pimples. Slice some garlic and rub it on the effected area . You may get some tingling sensation which proves that it is working. ( If it stings so much  , wash immediately  ) Leave it on for few minutes and wash.
  7. Avocado and honey :  Take a avocado , cut it and scoop out the pulp. Add a teaspoon of  honey to it. Blend the mixture until it becomes into a thick paste. Apply it on your face , let it dry.. Then rinse off and apply a good moisturiser.
  8. Pudina (mint leaves ) : Take some fresh mint leaves (often called as pudina ) . Make a paste using some leaves and water. Apply it on cleansed face . Leave it on for 15-20 min and rinse your face. Use this regularly twice in a week.
  9. Cloves : Powder some cloves and add a little yoghurt to it. As cloves are very spicy, to cool it down we add some yoghurt to it. Apply it on a clean face .. allow it to dry and wash off your face.
  10. Rosewater & lemon juice : Mix equal amounts of rosewater and lemon juice. Apply it on a clean face. Wash . Repeat this procedure regularly for effective results.
  11. Fuller’s earth : Mix a tea spoon of  fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) with adequate amount of rosewater , make it into a paste and apply it on your face. Allow it to dry and rinse .

Apart from all these , follow these simple tips

  • Avoid touching your face with hands . because it causes transfer of bacteria
  • Always use a good cleanser and moisturiser
  • Change your pillow covers frequently
  • Wash your face regularly with fresh  water

Some Good DIY and Products for Pimples

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