Top 10 Tips to Unlock Younger Looking Skin

Beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin – who doesn’t crave for that? A healthy skin is a sign of healthy body. In our attempt to achieve younger looking, beautiful skin, we keep on trying out different skin care products. But sadly they don’t give the result that we expect. We want youthful healthy skin that stays. And the commercial skin care products only give temporary glow. So what’s the way out? Read on our Top 10 Tips to Unlock Younger Looking Skin.

Top 10 Tips to Unlock Younger Looking Skin

Nothing can beat the beauty of naturally glowing, younger looking skin. But today’s pollution, sun damage, climate changes, unhealthy food habit etc take heavy toll on our skin. Our busy schedule and lack of skincare only add to that! Result? Dry skin and premature wrinkles, fine lines etc. Now this is scary because signs og ageing bothers us all. And immediately we start spending hefty bucks on parlor treatments and thousands types of cosmetics. But if only they could save us!! Well, do you know that you can enjoy healthy younger looking skin just by following few simple rules? Check out this article to know Top 10 Tips to Unlock Younger Looking Skin.

Drink lots of water to unlock younger looking skin

The  main secret to a healthy younger looking skin, is to drink lots of water. Water keeps our body hydrated and flush out the toxins from our body which helps our system to work well and the result reflects on our skin. Instead of aerated drink, choose tender coconut water. Also drink green tea which is a powerful anti oxidant and fights against free radicals to slow down the ageing process.

Healthy diet to unlock younger looking skin

Eat foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. For example : oily fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines etc. Cut down on sugary foods as they are bad for our skin. Eat veggies that are rich in vitamin A & C, like pumpkin, broccoli, peas, leafy green veggies, strawberries, orange, guava. Vitamin C is an anti oxidant and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Include lots of fibre in your diet.

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tips for younger looking skin 1, Top 10 Tips to Unlock Younger Looking Skin

Regular skin care to unlock younger looking skin

Do the basics daily, i.e cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Cleansing gets rid of skin impurities, toning takes care of the pores and moisturizing is extremely important to keep skin hydrated and young looking. Exfoliate your skin twice a week to get rid of the dark cells that accumulate on our skin. Stick to skin care routine that include natural ingredients.

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Use sunscreen to unlock younger looking skin

Don’t ever forget to apply sunscreen while spending time in the sun. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of sun, but also prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Choose sunscreen with high SPF. Use makeup products that contain SPF. Re-apply sunscreen as and when required to stay sun safe.

Proper rest to unlock younger looking skin

Get proper rest. If your body is tired, it shows up on your skin and skin looks dull. Sleep for 8 hours at night. Sleep is essential for healthy skin. Lack of sleep make our skin tired and older.

Quit smoking to unlock younger looking skin

Smoking ages our skin. Our body contains a protein named as collagen which keeps the skin firm and gradually with age, it degrades and cause wrinkles. But smoking makes this process sooner. Also cut down on your alcohol. Alcohol makes our skin dehydrated which is responsible for our skin to appear tired and older.

tips for younger looking skin 2, Top 10 Tips to Unlock Younger Looking Skin

Avoid sulphate to unlock younger looking skin

These days most of the cleansers, face washes and soaps contain sulphate. But sulphate is bad for our skin as it makes skin dry & itchy by stripping the skin off all the essential oils. So avoid using products that contain sulphate, paraben as well as silicons.

Stay fit to unlock younger looking skin

Stay fit and healthy by exercising regularly. This stimulates blood circulation and removes the toxin from the body. As a result skin becomes glowing and look healthy and younger. Practice yoga atleast twice a week for beautiful, glowing skin.

Remove makeup to unlock younger looking skin

Removing makeup every night before hitting bed is very important. Makeup, if stayed on skin can clog the pored and lead to breakout.  Also skin can’t breathe when heavy makeup is on. Let the skin breathe if you want a younger looking beautiful skin.

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Change your pillowcases to unlock younger looking skin

Cotton pillowcases tend to soak up moisture from our skin and leave it dry and flaky and cause wrinkles. So use silk or satin pillow cases as they cause less friction.

tips for younger looking skin, Top 10 Tips to Unlock Younger Looking Skin

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So friends, here are our top 10 tips to unlock younger looking skin. No need to spend money on expensive creams and serums, when these simple things you can do to make your skin look healthy, beautiful and younger. So take care and stay gorgeous!!

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