Top 10 Tips of Applying Foundation

Who doesn’t dream for that flawless, beautiful skin! Some are blessed with naturally beautiful skin, but majority of us aren’t. Today’s pollution, dirt, lack of time for skincare etc make it hard to maintain a flawless skin. So what to do to look flawless? Makeup! Simple! But getting a flawless makeup look requires to master the basics first. And basics start with applying foundation. Foundation is one such part of our makeup that can either give us a flawless look or can ruin our complete makeup. Check out my post on Top 10 Tips of Applying Foundation.

Top 10 Tips Of Applying Foundation

Foundation is used to improve the appearance of our skin by covering up blemishes, dark circles, spots and other imperfections on our face. Foundation comes in gel, cream, semi liquid or liquid form. Foundation if not applied correctly can create patchiness on our skin that can ruin our perfect eye makeup or lip makeup! Foundation basically creates a perfect canvas for our makeup to sit on. Besides making our face appear flawless, foundation has also got few other roles to play. Foundation is actually very beneficial for our skin. It protects a barrier over our skin and protects it from sun damage and pollution. Also it helps to balance the oiliness or dryness of the skin. Therefore it’s very important to apply foundation correctly and carefully. Scroll down below to know Top 10 Tips of Applying Foundation.

foundation, Top 10 Tips of Applying Foundation

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Tips to Apply Foundation 

  1. Before putting foundation on, it is very important to prep our face. So start off with cleansing the face with a face wash suitable for your skin type.
  2. Follow it up with a toner that will minimize the pores and make your skin look firm.
  3. You would want your face to look healthy before applying foundation, so add hydration with some light moisturizer.
  4. Next step is to apply a primer. Primer helps your makeup to stay in place and also makes it long lasting.
  5. Now allow the moisturizer and primer to set in. It will take couple of minutes. Wipe your face with soft tissue, if you feel your skin getting greasy.
  6. Apply dots of concealer on the areas you need. Blend well.
  7. Now it’s time to apply foundation. Dot your face with foundation on your cheeks, chin, tip of your nose and forehead. Don’t apply too much or it will look cakey.
  8. Now blend those dots well using clean fingertips or preferably a brush. Wet sponge can also be used as it helps to blend the foundation very well.
  9. Apply foundation on neck and blend it properly with upward strokes. Don’t forget your neckline and jawline for an even toned natural look
  10. Dust some translucent powder to set the foundation. That’s it, you are done 🙂
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Tips for applying foundation, Top 10 Tips of Applying Foundation

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Foundation helps us to achieve an even toned skin and also brightens up our complexion. It helps to set the makeup perfectly. Foundation shades and types vary with our skin type and skin tone. Always choose the foundation which is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Oily skin beauties should go for mineral based foundation, while cream based foundation is best for dry skin.

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