Tontouring–A New Makeup Technique to Sculpt and Define Your Face

Tontouring–A New Makeup Technique to Sculpt and Define Your Face – Hello friends! If you have noticed, you would come to know that I am been able to write about beauty and fashion again and again. And this is because of your lovely comments and appreciation I find after every comment. Now Come back to today’s topic, it is about Tontouring–A New Makeup Technique to Sculpt and Define Your Face. Well, we are talking about tontouring and not contouring and let me tell you both the terms are quite different from each other. Name me a woman who does not dream to get a flawless looking skin just like any actress who has been looking good and flawless all these days. Well, before I start, let me start from beginning of Tontouring–A New Makeup Technique to Sculpt and Define Your Face.

Tontouring–A New Makeup Technique to Sculpt and Define Your Face

Tontouring–A New Makeup Technique to Sculpt and Define Your Face

What is Tontouring?

Tontouring is the latest trend of using a fake tan using the process of contouring. The process is actually a less time wasting process and the best part of it is looks very natural and flawless. Tontouring can help to give you flawless looking skin and also help to highlight your cheekbones. This method gained popularity when a makeup guru, Marissa Carter Snap chatted this technique while working on a client. This is actually a semi-permanent contouring technique and one of the best methods to look more natural and flawless.

How to start with Tontouring?

self tanning lotion

You should start with the application of a self-tanning lotion that has a lighter shade all over the face. Generally applying lighter base on your face is easy to pull off and also does not weight downs your face.

You should apply the darker shade of tanning lotion on your cheekbones and nose which can be easily highlighted. When you are applying the tanning lotion, use a contouring brush at the same time and blend out the harsh lines visible on the face. Other than this you can also use a mousse that helps to highlight your cheek bones and nose easily.

Now spread the darker side of lotion on your forehead and the rest of the areas and blend them properly with the help of the same brush used earlier. Make sure, you apply a smaller quantity of mousse that you applied before.

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How to do Tontouring

Now if you want, you can reapply the coat on your cheekbones and the area you want to highlight more than rest of your face. Opt for a second coat as it helps to make your face look flawless and attractive. Using a much smaller brush, apply the same darker shade used in step 2 and 3 to tan the sides of your nasal bridge. This will make your nose look longer, sharper and more defined.

Now if needed, you can use the same shade to highlight your jawline and make it more attractive. Apart from this, also focus on your neck because it is also responsible for your overall appearance. Once the tan has appeared on your face, you should wash your face with a cleanser before applying makeup.

So, what do you think about Tontouring–A New Makeup Technique to Sculpt and Define Your Face? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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